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Law Schools In Florida

Law schools in Florida provide high quality education. Law school education strives to inculcate poise and confidence amongst prospective lawyers and attorneys. The knowledge of legal system goes hand in hand with the practice of law. A thorough understanding and knowledge of rules and laws, and the skill to apply this information to real world scenarios are developed.  They will learn about the fundamentals of legal problem solving and dispute processing. This covers topics such as settlements, litigation and transactions. Law students are trained to engage in effective legal arguments, conduct scholarly legal research and assist in policy formulation. Their counseling and interviewing skills are honed. This well rounded legal education is well worth the fee as they give students an opportunity to pursue a challenging and an exciting career. Students can look into different financial aid packages to cover the cost of education.

Admission to law school is very selective. Generally, schools look for diversity when selecting candidates. Consideration is given to the LSAT score, undergraduate grade point average, writing and leadership skills, work experience, academic honors, community service, and letters of recommendation from instructors.

To gain real world experience in different legal settings some programs offer students the opportunity to take part in externship programs which offer academic credits. This involves application of legal principles and theories learned during classroom instruction. Judicial externships can be availed in bankruptcy courts, district courts of appeal, state circuit courts, and the Florida Supreme Court. They will be working under the supervision of lawyers and judges. During this time, faculty members will be providing academic guidance regularly.

Law schools in Florida offer the following:-

  • J.D. Program
  • LL.M Program
  • Dual Degree Programs
  • Joint Degree Programs
  • Certificate of Concentration

It is evident that law schools cater to the educational and professional needs of students with different interests, backgrounds, perspectives and experiences. For instance, if you are interested in the study and practice of law as well as criminal justice, instead of choosing between law and criminal justice schools in Florida, you can enroll in a dual degree program at a law school.


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