Law Public Safety and Security Degrees

The government is set up with the help of various agencies responsible for ensuring public safety and security. It is essential to maintain a safe environment where the risk of any disaster is minimized. From natural disasters to terrorism-related incidents, these agencies work in their specific field to address all possible threats. Public safety leads to the overall progress of the economy and pushes towards a more stable and secure environment for everyone.

Agencies working for public safety are usually funded by the federal government and can be found at state, local, and federal level. On the other hand, there are a number of non-profit agencies that have been set up as well. The career scope in public safety is extensive, allowing students to pick a specific field or occupation. Public safety programs are offered by many schools nowadays. If you are looking for a career in this sector, you must equip yourself with relevant education and develop skills.

Law, Public Safety, Corrections and Security

Law, Public Safety, Corrections and Security degrees are designed to prep students for careers in the government, corporate, and security sector. These programs are suitable for those who are seeking managerial or administrative roles in various public safety departments.


The coursework comprises of many different subjects. Most of these courses are theory-based and equip students with a basic understanding of public safety disciplines such as emergency management, Para medicine, fire and safety, and corrections. Mentioned below are a few main objectives of public safety and security degrees:

  • Provide complete knowledge of public safety fields and branches
  • Help students develop analytical, critical thinking, and communication skills
  • Shed light upon current public safety issues and threats
  • Understanding principles and disciplines related to emergency management
  • Acquire a brief overview of the history of societal development and how public safety has become integral for a nation’s survival
  • Cultural sensitivity and its impact on security measures
  • Policing and devising plans for promoting public safety
  • Manage various public safety projects and ensure their effectiveness

Public safety degree programs can also be pursued online through online institutes. So if you are unable to attend college and wish to enhance your qualifications in this area, you can do so by simply enrolling in an online degree. The coursework and pace of such programs are more flexible and convenient to manage online.

Career Scope

With a degree in public safety and security, you can work with the emergency and fire management authority, join the law enforcement services, corrections services department, or protective services department. The job position will depend upon your skills, degree and specialization areas, and experience. With on the job training and experience, you can move up and increase your income potential. Listed below are a few of the main job positions and their median income level as stated by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics in 2010.

  • Occupational Health and Safety Specialist $64,660
  • Correctional Officer $39,020
  • Social Worker $42,480
  • Emergency Management Director $64,730


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Q:Can you name a few subjects I will study in online public safety and security degrees?

A:The curriculum of online public safety and security degrees depends upon which institute you enroll in, and what level of degree you wish to pursue. However, some subjects that are usually covered in online public safety and security degrees include criminology, criminal procedure, group dynamics, statistics, global perspective, communication, psychology, computer literacy, and English composition.

Q:Public safety and security degrees are available at what levels of post-secondary education?

A:Public safety and security degrees can be pursued at associate, bachelor, and masters level. Now a few institutes are also offering this field of education at doctoral level. Those who are looking for shorter courses can opt for non-degree programs such as public safety and security certifications and diplomas. You can also take public safety and security degrees online.

Q:What is a public safety degree and what are the careers with public safety degree?

A:The public safety department in the USA aims at serving and protecting the nation from all kinds of threats. With a degree in this field, you can seek a job in one of the department of this agency. Some individuals choose to join the homeland security department while others opt for border patrol careers. The career options are vast and rewarding in a number of ways.

Q:What are the benefits of public safety and security degree if studied online?

A:In an online public safety and security degree, you can study at your own will and pace. This means there is no need to worry about class timings etc. The program can be studies at any time of the day according to your free time. Many professionals who are looking for a way to enhance their college education opt for online programs.

Q:What should I do to get security and protective services degree?

A:To get a degree in the area of protective services and security, you need to seek enrollment in a college offering this program. You can opt for this program online or at a campus based institute. The admission requirements will vary from college to college and will also depend upon factors such as the type or level of program.

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