Computer Security Careers

In today’s fast moving economy, technology has taken over many different business functions and has become a crucial need for thousands of organizations. From simple point of sale terminals to complex offshore transactions, we see the use of computer technology almost everywhere. This field has opened up various job opportunities for individuals. But one of the leading areas in this field is computer security. Although now many organizations rely on online commerce or database management, the risk of cyber-crime has also increased. Now it is possible to hack into mainframes and steal tons of important information in a matter of minutes. This is where the need for security experts has grown.

Computer Security Education

It is important to have the right skills and technical experience to successfully join the industry of computer security. Higher education in computer security is also a key component when preparing for security careers. There are many accredited computer technology schools that have been set up to provide students with degree programs in this area. These programs focus on all major components of computer security and allow students to learn about this evolving field. Computer security degrees can be pursued at associate level, bachelor level, and master’s level. Apart from this, a range of non-degree programs can be found in computer security, such as certifications and diplomas. All of these educational programs are geared towards providing students with an in-depth understanding of computer security nowadays.

The coursework of a computer security degree can be divided into theoretical studies and practical courses. Theory based knowledge is essential to help develop basic concepts regarding the field. On the other hand, practical experience is what students spend most of their time on in this degree. Students learn how to develop, implement, and manage security plans for various organizations. Apart from this, understanding computer applications and security software also falls in the category of training and practical learning.

Careers in Computer Security

There are a number of leading computer security careers today. These careers require computer security qualifications and technical skills. Students can opt for the following occupations:

  • Computer security specialist

These individuals are skilled in developing security plans for organizations and preventing cyber-attacks. Many organizations all across the world hire such specialists to manage databases and counteract computer security threats. According to O*NET OnLine, computer security specialists earned median annual income of $92,600 in 2016. 


  • Computer systems administrator

Computer systems administrators help manage an organization’s computer networks and databases. Their main job role is to ensure the smooth operation of local area networks and wide area networks. According to O*NET OnLine, network and computer systems administrators earned median annual income of $79,700 in 2016.


  • Cyber Crime Analysts

These are professionals who are hired by private investigation firms and also a number of federal agencies. Cyber crime analysts help detect cybercrime activities and investigate such cases.

In order to pursue any of the above mentioned careers, students need to make sure they enroll in accredited institutes with accredited programs. Employers take the institute’s standing under serious consideration.

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Q:What are the different computer security jobs I can apply for with this type of qualification?

A:Computer security has become a renowned due to the increased cyber-crime. Organizations using computer systems and networks require computer security experts to help protect their data and systems. With this type of qualification, you can become a computer security expert, a software engineer, networking specialist, and even a database administrator.

Q:Can you give me some information about careers in computer security?

A:As individuals and organizations become more technology dependent; the risk of cybercrime also increases. With valuable date stored on networks and databases, there is always the need of experts who can provide security against cyber-theft, hacking, and malware issues. There are numerous job opportunities one can look forward to with this type of qualification.

Q:How can I prepare for computer security careers?

A:Many businesses have hired computer security experts who can protect their data and prevent any kind of cyber-crime. If you wish to prepare for this career, you will have to acquire higher education in this specific field. There are many renowned online and campus based schools that are offering computer security degrees.

Q:Can you tell me about the income level of careers in computer security?

A:According to O*NET OnLine, computer security specialists earned median annual income of $92,600 in 2016. Source:

Q:How do I prepare for careers in computer security and forensics?

A:Computer security and forensics are two different sectors. To qualify for a career in computer security, you must have at least a bachelor degree in this field. On the other hand, forensic careers require individuals to hold a degree in forensic science. Take a look at our page for information about these careers.

Q:While I was reading about careers network security, I came across online computer security degrees. How do I enroll in this program?

A:To enroll in an online computer security degree, you must fulfill the basic admission requirements of the institute. These requirements may vary from school to school. For admission in a bachelor level degree, it is necessary you have a high school diploma. On the other hand, for masters degree in computer security, you must have completed you bachelor level education in a similar academic principle.

Q:Why are cyber security jobs high in demand?

A:The demand for cyber security professionals is high nowadays. The risk of cyber-crimes and electronic theft has increased tremendously due to technology integration. Many organizations require security professionals who can protect their vulnerable data from getting lost or stolen. The career opportunities are vast in this field. Browse through our page for more information.

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