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LearningLaw is your guide to exploring the requirements and career options for Legal and Paralegal Degree and Criminal Justice Degree. Whether you are a high school student, current college student or stay at home mother looking for a new career we have the resources you need to make the best choice.

Law is a term we often come across in almost every aspect of our lives. It has become a major part of our lives and is what makes our society crime-free. Of course, crime cannot be eliminated completely, but the main purpose behind the implementation of laws is to help create an environment that is safe and secure for its inhabitants. On the other hand, law also plays a vital role in business as well. There is always a need for having a legal set up that distinguishes between what is allowed and what isn’t. Law and order is what keeps a society progressive and sustainable.

Law is created and applied by the judicial system and through various law upholding agencies. With a complex legal network in place, there are legal professionals working hard to keep this system intact and working in proper order. From lawyers to judges and from paralegals to attorneys, you can find a number of legal experts who have committed their careers to helping others in disputes.

Online Law School

In the United States, there are many renowned and prestigious institutes that specialize in legal education. Students interested in learning law and getting a degree, enroll in such colleges and prepare for legal careers ahead. However, the tough economy has made legal education unaffordable for many. In fact, many students have started seeking employment to help them financially, and are forced to drop out of college. But thanks to distance learning programs, now students can study online without having to go to a campus. An online law degree can turn out to be more flexible, cost effective, and manageable.  Students who want to pursue legal education in the hopes of becoming a lawyer or a paralegal can study online and conveniently fulfill their academic dreams.

There are a number of different law degrees available that one can enroll in. Each of these have different eligibility and admission criteria. You can opt for the most basic law degree, the Juris Doctor program. This is the minimum legal education requirement for any lawyer in the United States. Upon completion of this degree, one can appear in the bar examination in his or her state and start practicing law.

Apart from this, there is the master of laws degrees and doctor of juridical science degree. Both programs are advanced level degrees and are being offered to students who have completed their bachelors. Doctoral or juridical science is more research oriented. The subjects covered in both programs will allow students to understand the application of laws in our society. Students have a choice of picking an area for specialization. The most popular specialization courses being pursued these days are:

  • Intellectual Property law
  • Real Estate Law
  • Employment Law
  • Accident Law
  • Corporate Law
  • Banking Law

Law Career

After successfully completing your program at an online law school, and clearing your licensing examinations, you can start working as a lawyer in your specific field. Lawyers can be found working with numerous organization, law firms, and government agencies. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, these professionals make a median income of $112,760 per year.

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