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Are you interested in pressing a Law And Legal Degree? Did you know that there are 3 types of degrees when it pertains to a law degree in the US; Juris Doctor (JD), Masters of Law (LLM), and Doctor of Juridical Sciences (SJD).

Everyday new laws and clauses are being added to existing laws, whether on a national or international level. Its constant interpretation in the context of different cases means that the field is growing increasingly complex. Today, there is as high a need for lawyers as there is for professionals with qualification in legal studies.

Legal studies is a degree which is offered by several universities and is an interdisciplinary, liberal arts major. It goes beyond the scope of standard law school programs by inculcating in students an appreciation for different legal systems, and an ability to critically analyze these systems for improvement. Students who opt for this major are able to conduct meaningful inquiries into the historical dynamics and theoretical frameworks of laws. These students are then able to apply their knowledge in the understanding of critical social issues, ranging from individual liberty to political and social inequality.

How Long Does a Legal Studies Degree Take? What Can I learn?

A typical legal studies degree will take 4 years. However, some universities offer students a chance to enroll in an accelerated Bachelor’s program which can shorten the duration to 2 years. To be admitted to these programs, you must have either an undergraduate or an associate’s degree in any field from an accredited institute. However, given the curriculum of legal studies, students with a background in history or philosophy may feel more comfortable.

Different schools have different programs in place for the legal studies degree. The degree is structured to help individuals sharpen their skills in the following areas:

  • Conducting Primary and Secondary Research
  • Investigation and Drafting of a Legal Argument
  • Defining Theories and Practices in Various Legal Contexts
  • Critical Thinking

Students will start with a set of foundation courses in legal research, legal writing, and a basic introduction to law itself. From here, they can specialize their learning in particular areas. Opportunities range from domestic law to torts and contract law. Furthermore, students will be taught how to manage a legal department and be able to handle their responsibilities effectively.

Coupled with this will be courses in humanities and social sciences, aimed to help students develop their analytical skills and become more informed.

Legal Studies Online

While a great number of institutes are offering legal studies degrees, not everyone has equal access to these programs. Choosing to complete a degree in legal studies online is an excellent alternative for students who find campus-based programs expensive, or are not in easy access of a university.

A degree in legal studies online is a convenient and flexible way to complete your education requirements without altering your lifestyle significantly. You also receive the same benefits as a campus-based student.

Job Outlook

With your degree complete, you can look into multiple areas for jobs. Students with legal studies degrees can become lobbyists or mediators, and even aspire for political office. In each of these areas, your skill set needs to be versatile and analytical.


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Q:Law and legal degrees can be earned only at a campus based institute?

A:No, law and legal degrees can be earned online as well. The trend of online education has increased due to many benefits. You can study from any location and do not have to be physically present in a classroom. Side by side, you can also save up on unnecessary travelling and textbook costs. There are many schools offering online law programs.

Q:What is law and legal degree and where can I find this degree?

A:Law and legal studies is a popular academic field being offered by many institutes. The program is designed to equip students with a detailed understanding of laws, legal procedures, and the justice administration system. The degree will qualify individuals for various careers in the law industry. Browse through our page for more information.

Q:What can you do with a legal studies degree?

A:A legal studies program will equip you with legal skills and in-depth knowledge about the law industry. You can pursue various administrative careers in law firms, work as a paralegal, or even become a legal advisor. The career options are vast in this field. Many organizations seek individuals who have knowledge about current law procedures and trends.

Q:What is a law legal studies institute offering?

A:There are many law institutes across the nation that are offering legal degree program to students. Law is one of the most popularly pursued academic principles. Students who wish to pursue a career in the legal industry can prepare themselves with the help of a law degree. Law programs are available at associate, bachelor, and masters level.

Q:Is it true that a law legal studies degree online will help me save up on costs?

A:Yes, if you opt for an online legal degree program, you can cut down on your expenses. Online programs do not require students to purchase textbooks or travel to campus-based colleges to study. All you need is a computer and an internet connection to study online. Online programs are gaining popularity due to flexibility and low costs.

Q:Can you name a few of the basic subjects covered in law and legal studies programs?

A:The curriculum of law and legal studies programs will vary slightly from place to place. However, basic areas such as the following are covered: legal writing and research, law office administration, civil litigation, cyber law and compliance, legal environment of business, philosophy of law, the American legal system, and real estate law.

Q:What degree in law and legal studies should I go for after completing my high school?

A:After completing your high school education, you can qualify for undergraduate degrees. There are two main undergraduate degrees offered in legal studies, these are: associate degree and bachelor degree. An associate degree in legal studies will provide you with fundamental knowledge about the legal field whereas a bachelor degree will cover a more vast range of subjects. In some states, an associate degree is equivalent to the first two years of a bachelor degree.

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