How to Become A Corrections Officer

Corrections officers are among the most important occupations in the law enforcement sector. We often tend to overlook the importance of these professionals who constantly risk their lives on the line and deal with prison inmates on a regular level. Much appreciation goes to the bravery of these officers who protect our community and help manage staff in prison facilities. As important as it is to keep criminals off the streets, it is equally important to monitor and supervise these criminals behind bars. Corrections officers work behind the scenes and are the actual ones who deal with criminals every day. Their job role demands a diverse skill set, where they must mold themselves according to unexpected situations such as lock downs.

How to Become a Correctional Officer
Information About Correctional Officer Requirements
What to Expect In Correctional Officer Training
What Is a Correctional Officer Salary
What are the Requirements to become a Corrections Officer

Requirements to Become a Corrections Officer

Correctional officers must go through a training program and also acquire some form of higher education to qualify for the job. If this is a career that interests you, you can start off by completing your high school education and enrolling in a college. This is the minimum qualification you need to become a corrections officer. In some states, you may have to earn an associate’s degree or bachelor degree in areas such as criminal justice, criminology, or even business administration. To learn about the requirements, you can get in touch with a corrections facility in your state. It can be useful if you acquire an understanding of the criminal justice system in a degree program. Since corrections officers are working for the law enforcement sector, individuals should have a thorough understanding of the system and its various components. Apart from the academic knowledge you earn, you may also have to take part in counseling programs and related programs that will help build your skills in communication, counseling individuals, assisting, and supervising.


Becoming a correctional officer also requires formal training from a corrections department. These departments can be found working at local, state, and federal level. Before you enroll in any program for corrections, be sure to check if the program has been accredited by the American Correctional Association ACA. The program will teach you about various custody and security procedures being used, existing institutional policies, rules and regulations, and relevant subjects. The training components are career oriented and focus on developing your skills needed in this career. Corrections officers must demonstrate skills such as negotiations kills, self-discipline skills, interpersonal skills, physical strength and critical thinking skills.  At least 200 hours of formal training must be completed.

Salary of a Corrections Officer

As a corrections officer, you can seek work in federal or state prisons. The typical job duties will include supervising inmates, counseling offenders, inspecting jail conditions, preparing reports of inmate conducts, and reporting to other officials. The median income level of corrections officers has been estimated to be $39,020 by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.  This income level is dependent upon various other factors such as certifications, experience, training, facility, and work. You can expect to advance in this field by acquiring relevant certifications.



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Q:Can i still become a corrections officer if i take medications for anxiety and depression?

A:Corrections officers are found working in various prison facilities and rehabilitation centers. If you want to pursue a career as a corrections officer, you must undergo formal training and education. Corrections officers are required to demonstrate great critical thinking skills, analysis skills, and should have a high level of patience. If you are suffering from anxiety issues, you must get in t ouch with the department and find out how that will affect your chances of employment.

Q:How long does it take to be a correctional officer?

A:To become a correctional officer you will have to complete a college degree and apply for formal training. These professionals must complete 200 hours of training on-the-job, along with 120 hours of specialized training. The duration will depend upon the pace of the students and institute. You can get in touch with a training center to find out more about training programs and duration.

Q:How to be a corrections officer?

A:To be a corrections officer, you will have to first complete your college education. You can then apply for formal training at a local training center. Training is necessary to help acquire skills needed for the career. You can also seek certification in this field as this will increase your employment opportunities.

Q:How long does it take to get your correctional officer degree?

A:There are no specific degree programs available in the field of corrections. You can however seek certification and training programs. Such program will equip you with information regarding local agencies, operations, security procedures, and self-defense. The duration of certificate programs is shorter as compared to degree programs. Before enrolling in such a program, make sure it is federally sponsored.

Q:Is critical thinking as a prison officer necessary?

A:Prison officers are required to work in prison facilities and supervise inmates. There key responsibilities include: supervision, maintaining order, and implementing rehabilitation programs. The job can be demanding in many ways, requiring prison officers to be alert and highly skilled. Prison officers must demonstrate critical thinking skills, problem solving skills, and communications skills.

Q:What does it take to become a correctional officer?

A:To become a correctional officer, you must have a high school diploma at least. Some states require individuals to have an associate or bachelor degree. It is advisable that you study subjects such as criminal justice to acquire a brief understanding of the field. Apart from education, all correctional officers must go through a training program and complete at least 120 hours of specialized training.

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