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The education system in the United States comprises of accredited schools, colleges and universities. It is through these institutes that individuals acquire education and training for specific careers. Technology has boosted the demand for technical expertise, laying stress upon the labor demand nowadays. Pursing a career with a decent income level is not possible if you don’t go to college. Education has become the need of today and will only grow in importance to the ever expanding industries.

Colleges and universities have become the top education resources. Among all the diverse academic principles being pursued at these institutes, law has acquired a distinct repute. Of course, without a stable legal system, it is impossible to maintain a civil society. The legal industry provides all kinds of career opportunities to students who want to become a part of it. Legal occupations are not just limited to lawyers and judges, but now include a variety of other professions such as paralegals and court reporters.

Legal Education

Legal education is basically higher education for law students. There are many law schools in the nation that provide degrees and courses to interested individuals. The main purpose of a legal education is to allow student to grasp knowledge of the various segments of law and understand what the functions of the judicial system are. Law is not a singular field, but incorporates a number of other sectors as well. There are many different branches in law that focuses on a specific field. For example, the field cybercrime law is growing nowadays due to technology and e-commerce. On the other hand, some of the most basic areas in law include corporate law, intellectual property law, real estate law, employment law, and family law.

Not necessarily do students now have to attend campus based classes for law education. A law degree online can help students fulfill their academic dream in this area and successfully qualify for a legal career ahead. There are many benefits of enrolling in online programs such as low costs, convenience, and flexibility.

Some of the leading educational programs in law include Juris Doctor degree, master of law degree, Doctor of Juridical Science, and paralegal degree. Each of these degrees can be earned in a specific area of law.

Legal Careers

With a law degree completed successfully, students need to sit for the bar examination in their state and start practicing as a lawyer. This career is the most popularly pursued legal career. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, lawyers made a median annual income of $112,760 in 2010. On the other hand, you can consider a number of other legal careers such as becoming a paralegal assistant. These professionals perform a variety of tasks ranging from administrative services to legal research work. Paralegals make a median income of $46,680 in 2010 as stated by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Side by side, growth in other law related areas has also been seen recently. These careers include court reporters, legal advisors, and judges.


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Q:As I was reading about law resources, I found out that I need a license to become a lawyer. How do I get that license?

A:To get a license, you must take the bar examination conducted in your state. To be eligible for the bar examination, you will have to first complete a program from an accredited law school. You can opt for law programs such as the Juris Doctor Degree, or the master of laws degree.

Q:As I was searching for resources for law students, I found out that LSAT scores are important for law school admission. How?

A:The LSAT is a standardized admission test conducted in every state. This test is used to determine the readiness of a student for law education. Many law schools base their admission upon the LSAT scores of students. Although the test is not mandatory for law students, it is still highly recommended that you take the exam to increase your chances of getting accepted at a law school.

Q:While I was searching for legal resources, I came across lawyer salaries. Can you tell me more?

A:Lawyers rank among the most popular legal profession in the industry. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, these professionals make a median annual income of $112,760. However, the exact salary figure will be dependent on factors such as experience, license, state, and specialization area. Feel free to browse through our page.

Q:What law resources for students are available online?

A:You can search online to find law schools and courses. The trend of online legal education is growing due to many reasons. Students can now fulfill their academic goals of acquiring legal education without having to attend a campus-based college. From associate degrees to masters degrees, all levels of programs are available online.

Q:How can I find the best websites for law students?

A:You can search online to find websites and resources that provide information about legal programs and careers. If you take a look at our page, you will be able to see a list of schools that are offering legal degree programs and law courses. You can also find out what career opportunities exist in the legal industry.

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