How to Become A Paralegal

The professional field of law is expanding in today’s fast moving society. Apart from lawyers and judges, there are a number of other emerging legal professions that are gaining popularity. Among these legal careers, paralegals have acquired a top ranking, according to the US News. Paralegals can be described as legal professionals who work behind the scenes, helping lawyers and attorneys with trials, office management, document preparation, and more. Their assistance and support services play a huge role in streamlining legal services. Individuals who wish to join the legal industry but do not want to become a lawyer or an attorney can go for this career. Paralegals can be found in all kinds of law firms and legal agencies, working in various specialization areas such as corporate law, family law, tort law, real estate law, and intellectual property law.

Becoming a Paralegal

If you are interested in becoming a paralegal, you need to follow a certain educational path and acquire the necessary certification necessary for this field. There are many colleges and universities that offer short paralegal programs to aspiring students. You can also opt for a bachelor or masters level degree in paralegal studies if you want to pursue a great career as a paralegal. However, a short course such as paralegal certificate or a diploma will help prepare you for an entry level career.

The coursework of a paralegal program will cover a wide range of subjects. You will first of all acquire a basic understanding of the legal industry and the criminal justice system. With the ever growing legal sector, you will also gain familiarity with developing concepts and emerging legal trends. Some of the subjects have been listed below:

  • Foundation skills
  • Criminal law
  • Contract law
  • Tort law
  • Paralegal procedures

During the last phase of the program, you may be asked to choose an area for specialization. This will help you prepare for a specific field in law, and polish your paralegal skills. The above mentioned subjects may vary from school to school.


Getting a certification as a paralegal can prove to be very helpful for your career although it is not a paralegal requirement. There are a number of professional associations that offer certification for paralegals. For example, the National Association for Legal Assistant (NALA) aims at providing higher education, certification, and continuing education programs to aspiring paralegal assistants.

What do Paralegals do?

Paralegals provide a range of supportive services to lawyers and attorneys. Their services are dependent upon the area of specialization and the type of employer. Some of the basic job tasks that a paralegal is expected to perform includes conducting researches, managing and preparing legal paperwork, organizing and presenting information, helping in trial preparation, and drafting contracts.


The median annual paralegal salary has been estimated around $46,000 in 2010 according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. This figure of income will be dependent upon a number of factors such as employer, law firm, previous work experience, and paralegal qualifications.


Questions / Answers

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Q:Can you study to become a paralegal with an office administration certificate?

A:To become a paralegal, you must have a degree or certification in paralegal studies. You can seek these courses at many accredited schools. Paralegal programs will not only provide you with knowledge about administrative tasks, but will also familiarize you with legal terminology. Browse through our page for more detail.

Q:I am thinking of becoming a paralegal soon. Can you tell me a little about paralegal job description?

A:Paralegals are professionals who are required to assist lawyers and attorneys. These professional have a sound understanding legal procedures and administrative tasks. Some of the main tasks that fall in the job description include: file management, scheduling appointments, communicating with clients, preparing drafts and other legal documents, and conducting legal research.

Q:How do I qualify for entry level paralegal jobs without having to attend college?

A:If attending college is difficult for you, you can opt for a shorter paralegal course or certification program online. These are offered by a number of popular online schools that specialize in paralegal education. You can easily study from your home and earn a degree that will help prepare you for entry level paralegal jobs.

Q:My parents want to become a certified paralegal. Can you tell me about paralegal careers?

A:Paralegal careers are ranked among the leading law jobs in the nation. You can work in law firms and also specialize in certain branches of law such as corporate law, real estate law, and family law. As a paralegal, you will be required to assist lawyer sin their day-to-day of the firm. From conducting researches to drafting documents, paralegals perform a wide range of administrative tasks.

Q:What kind of jobs can i get with a paralegal degree?

A:With a paralegal degree, you can look forward to a career as a legal assistant in a law firm. Paralegals are required to provide supportive services to attorneys and lawyers. From managing files to preparing trial documents, the job will require these professionals to perform a wide range of administrative tasks. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual income of paralegals is $46,990.

Q:Are jobs with a paralegal degree worth pursuing?

A:Paralegal jobs are ranked among the best legal occupations nowadays. These professionals make a median income of $46,990 per year according to the US bureau of labor statistics. The occupation is expected to grow in demand in the coming few years. You can specialize in fields such as corporate law, family law, employment law, real estate law, and more.

Q:What information do you have regarding careers with a paralegal degree?

A:Careers with a paralegal degree are growing in demand nowadays. Paralegals are skilled professionals who provide administrative services to attorneys and lawyers. From managing client schedule to preparing drafts and contracts, paralegals perform a range of activities. US News has ranked paralegal jobs among the leading legal occupations. Browse through our page for more information.

Q:How to become a paralegal in the united states after completing a high school education?

A:After you have completed your high school education, you can enroll in an associate degree in paralegal studies or a bachelor degree in paralegal studies. These are two main undergraduate degrees you can pursue in this field. However, if you looking for a shorter course, you can go for a certificate program in paralegal studies.

Q:What do paralegal careers entail?

A:Paralegals are professionals who are perform various administrative tasks. Paralegals are also known as legal assistants and are employed by various law firms. Some of the main job duties include: preparing legal papers, managing files, scheduling appointments, communicating with clients, and more. To find out more about this field, browse through our page.

Q:How much do certified paralegals make in a year? Can you give me an estimate of the entry level income in this occupation?

A:According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, paralegals make a median income of $46,990 annually. However, entry level paralegals may make an income below this range. This will vary and depend upon the type of law firm, employer, state, qualifications, and skills. You can browse through our page for more information.

Q:What is the most recommended and best way to become a paralegal?

A:The main academic path towards becoming a skilled paralegal involves getting a college education, a certificate in paralegal studies, or an associate/bachelor degree. You must acquire formal knowledge of the field and build skills necessary for the career. Learn more about paralegal jobs, education, training, and certifications on our page.

Q:How old do u have to be to be a paralegal?

A:You must be over the age of 18 to become a paralegal. Apart from the age requirement, you will also have to enroll in a paralegal certification program and acquire formal training. Paralegal programs are designed to help you build skills and acquire in-depth information of the legal industry. Take a look at our page for more information.

Q:How much does a criminal paralegal make?

A:The US Bureau of Labor Statistics has estimated the median income of paralegals to be approximately $46,990. You can expect a reasonable income level in this legal field. There are various branches of law you can specialize in such as criminal law, corporate law, and more. Feel free to browse through our page for more information.

Q:I want to become a paralegal in 4 months, is this possible?

A:The time needed to become a professional paralegal will basically depend upon the academic route you choose. You must first complete your high school education and then enroll in a paralegal program. There are also paralegal certifications you can choose from. If you are looking for the quickest route to becoming a certified paralegal, you can opt for accelerated degree programs.

Q:How much do paralegals make?

A:Paralegals are legal assistants who provide administrative and supportive services to lawyers. They are found working in all kinds of legal firms. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median income level of paralegals has been estimated to be $46,680 per year. This occupation is expected to grow in the coming years.

Q:How much does a paralegal make with a degree in this field?

A:Paralegals have been reported to make a median income of $46,680 according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. However, the entry level income will be less than $30,000. These professionals provide supportive services to lawyers and law firms. The popularity and demand of paralegal has seen a dramatic rise in recent years.

Q:How much does a paralegal make a year with a paralegal certification?

A:A paralegal certification will help prepare an individual for the job position of a legal assistant. These professionals work alongside lawyers and attorneys, and offer services that can be administrative in nature. The median income level recorded by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics is $46,680. This figure is expected to increase in the coming years due to high demand.

Q:How much paralegals make after completing a degree or a certification in this area?

A:The median income of paralegals has been estimated to be $46,680 by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. However, the entry level inc0ome may be a little less. The demand for paralegals has increased in the nation. US News has ranked this career among the top growing occupations in the country.

Q:What are the basic paralegal requirements?

A:Paralegal careers are among the fastest growing careers in the legal industry. You can prep for this field by earning a degree in the field. There are plenty of popular law institutes that offer law certifications and degree programs. You must have the right set of skills, legal knowledge, and commitment to become a paralegal.

Q:How do i become a paralegal and start working with a law firm?

A:To become a paralegal, you need to get a degree in this field or a relevant certification. Employers look for paralegals who have acquired some form of higher education and are well equipped with the legal skills needed for this career. You can apply for an internship at a law school or simply start working as an assistant or a paralegal at law firms. Paralegals are in high demand.

Q:How do you become a paralegal through financial aid?

A:Not everyone has the finance to pursue higher education. Inflation has made college education unaffordable for many students. However, these issues should not stop you from pursuing your academic field. You can always seek financial help and apply for aid by filling out a FAFSA form. On the other hand, you can pursue an online paralegal program as this mode of education has turned out to be more cost efficient.

Q:How long does it take to become a paralegal if I opt for a certificate program?

A:Certificate programs in paralegal studies are non-degree programs. The duration for such programs is shorter as compared to the regular bachelor or masters degree. Some certificate programs can be completed in 6 months while others may take a year. The duration may vary from school to school so you will need to confirm with the institute regarding the duration.

Q:How to be a paralegal through online programs?

A:Becoming a paralegal online is more convenient as compared to campus based programs. There are a number of online schools that offer online degrees, diplomas, and certification programs in the field of paralegal studies. All you have to do is pick a school offering this program, and apply for admission.

Q:How to become paralegal assistants with an associate degree?

A:An associate degree in paralegal studies will help you learn about the field and will equip you with skills needed for this job. Many individuals pursue a career as a paralegal with an associate qualification. You too can work as a paralegal by completing the program from an accredited institute, and applying for a job in law firms.

Q:After I become a paralegal, what kind of salary should I expect?

A:Paralegals are legal assistants who provide supportive services to lawyers and attorneys. These professionals can perform a variety of office related tasks and administrative tasks. The median income level of paralegals has been estimated to be $46,680 by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. Your Income level is likely to increase with more experience on the job and better credentials.

Q:I want to become paralegal but I'm not sure about the degree program I should enroll in. Can you help me?

A:Universities are offering paralegal degree programs to students interested in becoming a paralegal. This academic field can be pursued at associate and bachelor level. You will study a wide range of courses related to the legal field and the justice administration system. On the other hand, if you want to enroll in a non-degree program, there is always the option of paralegal certificate programs.

Q:Becoming a paralegal is easier online?

A:Online paralegal programs are more convenient to cover as compared to campus-based programs. You can study according to your own pace and time. There are no extra costs related to travelling or textbooks, all you need is a computer and an internet connection. You can search online or go through our page to see the availability of online paralegal schools.

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