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How to Become A Border Patrol

The purpose of US Customs and Border Protection agency is to facilitate cross border trade and protection. Apart from this, the agency aims at protecting US citizens by securing borders and preventing terrorism acts, or any other criminal activity. With the rise of drug smuggling and illegal immigration, the agency has designed certain rules and regulations to protect the borders.

Individuals who are interested in becoming a part of the agency can opt for a career as a border patrol agent. The agency provides training and knowledge to aspiring individuals who wish to serve their country and work for a safer society.

Requirements to Be a Border Patrol Agent

You can start off your pursuit for this career by enrolling in an associate or bachelor degree. Having college education can be helpful in many ways. Although the educational requirements vary from state to state, having an associate degree or any diploma is necessary. Some of the suggested areas of study include criminal justice, criminology, and related fields. The agency is a major part of the homeland security administration department, so it is important that you understand the context of the field and its major role in the criminal justice system.

There are a number of colleges that are offering associate and bachelor degree programs in criminal justice or criminology. You will gain an insight on how the criminal justice system works and what potential measures are being used today to bring down crime rate. Technology and complexity of border crimes has pushed the demand for skilled and educated border patrol agents.

Training is another major part of becoming a border patrol agent. You will need to get in touch with the US Customs and Border Protection agency to learn about the minimum requirements for training. The basic requirements include being under the age of 40, US citizenship, a clean background check, medical examination clearance, fitness test, and drug test. It is also important for you to have fluency in a foreign language. As a border patrol agent, you may be required to interact and communicate with foreign nationals. Once these requirements have been fulfilled, you will be enrolled in a paid basic academy training program.

The main purpose of the training program is to provide candidates with knowledge about the current immigration laws, nationality laws, and security issues. You will also have to undergo physical training.

Other skills that are mandatory for this profession are:

  • Firearm Skills
  • Surveillance Skills
  • Analytical Skills
  • Communication Skills
  • Problem-Solving Skills
  • Decision Making Skills

Salary of a Border Patrol Agent

Once your training is complete, you will be posted to an agency where you will start your job as a border patrol agent. The career can be fulfilling in many ways and challenging too. You may face dangers and deal with criminal suspects form time to time. The median income level of these agents is $55,270 per year according to data provided by O Net Online.


Questions / Answers

Q:How to be a border patrol agent?

A:To be a border patrol agent, you must have the skill, training, and education needed for this career. It is important that you complete your college education and earn a bachelor degree at the minimum. Once this step is completed, you can enroll in a training program and acquire formal training for this job. You will have to contact the relevant department to learn about the entry requirements.

Q:How to become border patrol agent after getting a high school diploma?

A:Having a high school diploma isn't enough to get you into the border patrol agency. In some cases, you may qualify for certain entry level jobs. But usually, having a bachelor degree is necessary. So you must enroll in a college and earn a bachelor degree. The recommended areas for study include criminal justice, business administration, law studies, homeland security, and more.

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