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Bachelors in Criminal Justice

Among the few pillars that make any society civilized, criminal justice holds great importance. Crime has always been a main problem not just in our nation, but in every other country as well. It is the job of the criminal justice sector to make sure criminals are put behind bars, crime is reduced, security is enhanced, and citizens can walk freely without fear. There are many agencies working in the criminal justice sector, specializing in a certain area. For example, the police department, border patrol agency, and the homeland security are among the top law enforcement departments. On the other hand, even psychologists and lawyers can be found working in this sector. Criminal justice is a vast area, but all the major branches aim towards one goal, ridding the society from criminals and threats.

Those interested in serving their nation can start off by prepping themselves with a criminal justice degree. Unfortunately, a high school diploma is not enough to help you acquire a top ranking post in law enforcement. It is essential that you have specialized education in criminal justice. The academic principle is offered at associate, bachelor, and master’s level.

Bachelor in Criminal Justice

Bachelor degree programs are usually four year college degrees. Although the exact duration of a bachelor degree will depend upon the institute offering the program, for most careers in criminal justice, having a bachelor degree is necessary.

In a bachelor degree in criminal justice, you will gain an insight on current law enforcement trends and techniques. The program covers all introductory concepts as well as advanced areas. During the first phase of the program, much time will be spent on developing basic criminal justice concepts. It is crucial that you understand what the field is all about and how it functions. The subjects that are usually covered in the curriculum of a criminal justice bachelor degree include multiple facets. These subjects may vary according to the institute. However, in most cases, you will study the following areas:

  • Criminal law
  • Ethical issues in criminal law
  • Research methods in criminal justice
  • Police and the community
  • Political science
  • Criminal psychology
  • Justice studies

By the end of the program, you will have a thorough understanding of the criminal justice system in America, and how various agencies function. Some bachelor degrees also provide practical experience to students through internship programs and field projects.


You can choose from a number of law enforcement careers with a ba in criminal justice. Many students opt for legal careers and join law schools to further attain a law degree in criminal justice. Side by side, students are also seen enrolling in police academies for police training. Your career objective should reflect your interest and passion. You can also apply for training in the federal bureau of investigation and become an fbi agent. The entry requirements for each career path may be different, but all require you to have a basic understanding of criminal justice.

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