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Associates Degree in Criminal Justice

The criminal justice field is among the main sectors that manages, implements, and regulates law. To keep society secure from threats and crime, there is always the need for criminal justice professionals. Police officers and criminal lawyers are among the main types of occupations you can find that directly deal with criminal law. This career path is being pursued by many individuals all across the nation. These individuals have dedicated their lives to help reduce crime and provide security to all national citizens. Criminal justice agencies are found at both state and federal level.

Associate in Criminal Justice

Among the many degree programs available in criminal justice, associate degrees are the most basic programs. This is an undergraduate program that is being awarded by many degree colleges all over. It can be pursued after completing a high school diploma. Many students opt for this degree to help them acquire a basic understanding of the academic principle. If you wish to prepare yourself for a career in criminal justice, you can opt for this program and polish your skills. The duration of the degree is usually 2 years. However, it is important to remember that the duration may vary from college to college. Students who go for an accelerated version may be able to complete the program in less than two years.


The curriculum of an associate degree usually entails a variety of subjects, mostly introductory in nature. The main purpose of the program is to help students get a grasp of basic concepts, and an understanding of the main facets of the discipline. To prepare for a job ahead in criminal justice, or to prepare yourself for higher education in this field, it is necessary that you develop the right skills. Associate degrees in criminal justice are geared towards prepping students with theoretical knowledge about law enforcement techniques used in today’s world. In the program you will learn how to apply law enforcement techniques in diverse situations, gather research data and analyze data, and become well-versed with the legal terminology. Listed below are a few of the subjects that you may study in this undergraduate program:

  • Local law enforcement
  • Court systems
  • Trial procedures
  • Juvenile justice
  • Criminal psychology
  • Policies and procedures
  • Humanities
  • English composition

The coursework may vary and depend upon the institute you choose to enroll in. It is also possible to study online now. Many institutes are offering online criminal justice degrees to help aspiring students achieve their academic goals.

Criminal Justice Career

Criminal justice associates degree can lead to a wide number of entry level jobs in law enforcement. You can choose from a number of job options in federal agencies, private agencies, federal government, or state government. If you are interested in joining the police force, you can apply for training in a police academy. On the other hand, an associate degree can also help you qualify for supervisory or assistant level jobs in the administrative sector of law enforcement.


Questions / Answers

Q:What kind of introductory subjects will I study in criminal justice associate programs?

A:Associate degrees in criminal justice are designed to help students learn about the basic concepts of this field. The curriculum usually entails introductory subjects such as criminal justice system, trial procedures, justice administration, and more. It is best that you get I touch with a law school to learn about the exact curriculum they are offering.

Q:What program can I pursue after getting an associate in criminal justice?

A:Once you have completed your associate degree in criminal justice, you can pursue further education in the same or a relevant field. It depends upon your career goal. If you want to join the law enforcement sector, you can opt for a bachelor degree in criminal justice. Take a look at our page to learn more.

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