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How to Become A Lawyer

Everyone knows, lawyers are legal professionals who engage in the practice of law. The justice administration system is one of the major pillars of any society which helps provide justice to individuals and organizations. Without law and its implementation, there would be no conflict resolution and more importantly no justice. Lawyers are also known as attorneys. The main aim of these legal experts is to represent individuals or organizations in trials and provide a resolution that supports their client’s interest. There are a number of specialty areas in the field of law. Before starting a law degree, it is important to figure out how to be a lawyer. Individuals interested in becoming a lawyer can choose any area that suits their interest and career goal. Some of the leading fields in law include corporate law, family law, accident law, employment law, intellectual property law, and environmental law.

Becoming a Lawyer

Becoming a lawyer requires plenty of dedication, commitment, and higher education. There are a number of renowned law schools in the country that offer law degree programs. If you are interested in becoming a lawyer, you need to prepare yourself for law school and understand how to be a lawyer It is recommended that you take the LSAT examinations. This is a standardized admission test for law students. Many leading law schools require candidates to provide their LSAT scores for admission purposes. To pursue law studies, you need to first complete your high school diploma and a bachelor degree. It would be helpful if you pursue your bachelor degree in a discipline such as criminal justice or business administration. Once you have earned a bachelor degree, you can move on to the next step of becoming a lawyer by getting a Juris Doctor degree. This is a program that covers a range of topics related to the American legal system.


Students learn about various legal trends, developments, and procedures. The curriculum of a Juris doctor degree entails subjects such as criminal law, property, contracts, torts, and constitutional law. Before enrolling in any Juris doctor program, make sure you check its accreditation status. The American Bar Association (ABA) is the leading accrediting body that certifies law schools in the United States.

Licensing and Practice

Getting a degree isn’t enough to get you started. The requirements also include work experience and a license. A license can only be attained by taking the Bar Exam in your state. Passing this bar exam is necessary to start practicing within your jurisdiction. However, the requirements for practicing as a lawyer and getting a license may vary slightly from state to state. Practical experience can be gained by working with experienced lawyers and law firms. Experience in the legal profession will help you develop analytical, writing, problem-solving and interpersonal skills.


According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median salary of a lawyer in 2010 was $112,000. The income level may be affected by a number of factors such as employer and specialty field. However, the growth rate for this profession is expected to grow at 10% over the next few years.


Questions / Answers

Q:Is becoming a lawyer a difficult task?

A:If you have the dedication and commitment towards working hard, you can become a lawyer or any professional. In the United States, all lawyers are required to complete a law degree after bachelors education. Once this is complete, individuals must clear the bar examination in their state. Without a license, it is not possible to practice law professionally.

Q:I want some information on how to become a lawyer?

A:To become a lawyer, you need to first complete a bachelor degree. The next step would be to prepare for the LSAT admission examinations and enroll in a law school. There are many different law degrees available such as the Juris Doctor degree and the master or laws program. With your education complete, you can appear in the state bar exam and receive a license for practicing law professionally.

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