Washington Law School

Students aspiring to be lawyers will need to take and pass the Washington Bar Exam. A Washington law school equips students with the knowledge and skills required in this field. Also, graduation from an ABA-accredited law school is a requirement for admission to the bar. Although alternatives to law school education are recognized by the Washington State Bar Association, almost all of these necessitate legal education and training of some form.

Academic Programs

Most students entering law school will opt for Juris Doctorate degree programs. These are offered in different concentration disciplines. To prepare for an interdisciplinary work environment in the field of law, many students are attracted to dual-degree or concurrent degree programs. They can combine their expertise in law with the skills, knowledge and analytical tools from other disciplines such as business, healthcare, public policy and management. Some law schools in Washington also offer postgraduate programs in different specialized areas. These include Master of Laws (LL.M) and PhD programs.

Learn and Experience the Law

Law schools place much emphasis on gaining experience in analyzing statutes, cases, and other legal materials.  From these resources, the structure and operation of the legal system is derived. Classroom instruction builds a solid base in theoretical knowledge but that is not enough to excel in legal settings. Students will need to refine and strengthen their practical skills as well. Law schools in Washington offer plenty of courses and co-curricular activities to enable students to develop expertise in the areas of writing, research, case argumentation, interviewing strategies, counseling, trial, dispute resolution, and legal drafting. Students can participate in externship programs offered in public interest, agency and judicial settings. They can also earn course credits by taking part in legal clinics where they engage in client advocacy in litigation, negotiation and mediation of disputes. They may also participate in community education or report writing for legislative bodies.


Students are required to take all the prescribed courses during the first year of their law programs, but for the remaining years, they are free to pursue courses related to their goals and interests. They will take advanced courses in professional responsibility and legal writing. Following are some of the topics that are explored during your time at law school:- 

  • Civil procedure
  • Comparative international law
  • Criminal law torts
  • Property
  • Constitutional law

It is recommended that students consult with their counselors when going for enrollment.


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Q:Can you give me some information about Washington Law School?

A:If you are planning to pursue law education, you can choose from a list of leading law schools situated in Washington. These institutes are offering top quality programs for law students. Some popular degrees in this field include the Juris Doctor degree, master of law degree, and the doctor of judicial science degree. Browse through our page for more information.

Q:How are the Law Schools in Washington? Can you tell me about them?

A:There are a number of popular law schools in Washington that are ranked among the very best in the nation. These schools are offering a wide range of law degree programs to students interested in preparing for law careers ahead. You can go through page to find out more about these schools.

Q:How to become a corrections officer in Washington state?

A:To become a corrections officer in the state of Washington, you must have at least an associate or bachelor degree. You can then apply for enrollment in a training facility where you will be provided specialized training for the field. Corrections officers can specialize in a certain area as well. It is recommended that you visit the official web page of the corrections department to learn more.

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