Law Schools In Missouri

Missouri is the 21st largest state in the US. Home to a number of large urban and metropolitan areas, the state offers a sound infrastructure and numerable educational opportunities. One of the key features of this state is its large educational network. There are a number of prestigious schools, colleges, and universities in the state that are known for offering quality educational services. The Missouri State Board of Education ensures uniformity in public education services across the state.

Higher education in Missouri is managed efficiently through a statewide public university system. There are also a number of private universities operating within the state. Thousands of students move to Missouri each year in the hopes of fulfilling their academic goals. These institutes offer a wide range of educational facilities in every academic discipline. From business to nursing and from culinary arts to technology, all kinds of specialization areas are available to aspiring students. Among the many fields, law is still ranked among the popular ones. Individuals interested in becoming a lawyer in this state, or a judge, or even a paralegal can seek legal education through law schools in Missouri. These schools are accredited by the American Bar Association (ABA) and provide a range of legal programs to students. Before you enroll in any program, you need to make sure the program and the institute have been accredited by a recognized agency.

Legal Education

The variety of law programs being offered by law schools in Missouri is extensive. You can choose from a number of graduate and undergraduate programs, depending upon what your academic goal is. However, it is recommended that you take the LSAT examinations prior to enrolling in a law school. This is a standardized admission test that is designed specifically for law students. The main purpose of the test is to check whether a student is ready for advanced legal education or not. Many schools in Missouri use these test scores to determine applicant’s readiness for legal programs.

There are a number of legal programs such as the Juris Doctor degree, master of laws, associate in laws, and doctoral degrees. Each of these are geared towards a common purpose which is prepping students for legal careers ahead. The admissions requirements vary from program to program and will also depend upon which Missouri law school you pick. There are a number of specialization areas students pursue a career in. For example, a large number of students opt for corporate law, family law, intellectual property law, and international law.

With a law degree in hand, students can take the Missouri State Bar Examination and earn a professional license. This license is necessary for a career as a lawyer or an attorney in Missouri.


Professionals earned a median income of $113,280 in 2010. This salary figure has been reported by the US Bureau of Labor statistics. Apart from this, you can opt for other legal careers such as advisors and educators. The legal career opportunities in this state can be rewarding as well.


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Q:Law Schools in Missouri will prepare me for legal careers in which main fields?

A:You can pursue different law programs from popular law schools in Missouri. These programs will help prep you for careers as lawyers or attorneys. You can also consider enrolling in paralegal degree programs. It is recommended that you pick a career and then apply for degree programs accordingly. Browse through our page for more detail.

Q:Which Missouri law school should I enroll in. How do I know which school will be the best?

A:You can search for Missouri law schools online and also check out the list of schools on our page. Many law schools in this state are known for offering quality educational services. Before you enroll in any school, be sure to check the accreditation status of the school, faculty qualifications, and rankings.

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