Post Grad Certificates in Legal Paralegal

Paralegal careers are growing in demand nowadays due to the ever-expanding legal industry. The scope of law has widened dramatically, opening up various job occupations. So now you don’t have to become a lawyer or an attorney to become a part of the legal industry. There are many administrative occupations such as paralegal jobs that can be pursued. Paralegals can be described as professionals who provide supportive and administrative services to lawyers. These professionals usually found working in law firms. Although paralegals are not qualified to give legal advice, present cases in court, or represent clients, these professionals play a crucial role in handling administrative tasks at law firms. US News has ranked paralegal careers among the best jobs in the nation. There are a number of institutes that have increased their program offerings and are helping many young individuals prepare for paralegal careers ahead. One can prep for a career as a paralegal by earning specialized education in this field.

Post grad certificates in legal paralegal

Post grad certificates in legal paralegal studies are non-degree programs. This program is geared towards equipping students with fundamental key concepts about legal procedures and administrative functions. The curriculum comprises of subjects that are theoretical in nature and lay emphasis on legal concepts. To become a paralegal in today’s competitive environment, it is necessary for individuals to have a thorough understanding of current law trends. Some of the main objectives of Legal paralegal post grad certificates programs have been listed below:

  • Build strong analytical skills and reasoning skills
  • Demonstrate fluency in legal writing skills, communication skills, and research skills
  • Demonstrate knowledge of legal profession
  • Understand the key functionalities of law firms

Apart from the general law subjects a paralegal certificate program focuses on, students also undergo study of management principles and business related courses. These help build a strong foundation of business administrative knowledge that may be required in the professional field.

The duration of the program may vary from institute to institute. Typically, a certificate program can last anywhere between 6-12 months. To make education in paralegal studies more accessible and convenient to purse, a number of accredited schools are offering online paralegal programs. The cost of online education has proved to be affordable. Side by side, this mode of learning is more flexible as compared to campus based education as students can study according to their own schedule and free time.

Career Opportunities

As a paralegal, you will be required to assist attorneys and lawyers, and help them manage their law firm efficiently. The scope of the job requirements may vary from firm to firm. However, typically all paralegal are expected to conduct task such as legal research, prepare trail documents, handle client appointments, manage files, and assist with administrative proceedings. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the annual median income level of paralegals was $46,990 in 2012. One of the main reasons why paralegal careers can be a suitable occupation choice is because the growth rate is high, and is expected to grow at a fast pace in the coming years.


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