Post Grad Certificates in Public Safety and Security

Public safety and security is a fast growing industry nowadays. The rise of security threats and vulnerability of national citizens has increased the demand for skilled security experts. There are a number of agencies working under the local government that provide security services to the public. These typically include the local police force, firefighters, ambulance services, and other rescue services. Each department is assisted by the Department of Public Safety (DPS).

Careers in public safety and security are suitable for individuals who want to protect their fellow citizens and play a crucial role in the society. For this field, not only do you need the right form of education, buy you also need to have the dedication, desire, and passion towards helping others. There are many degree programs being offered by renowned institutes in public safety. You can opt for a bachelor, masters, or even a doctoral degree in this field. But if you have already completed your college education, and are looking for a convenient academic path to joining this industry, you can prepare yourself with the help of Post grad certificates in public safety and security. This program is designed specifically for students who have completed a masters degree. Certificate programs are becoming very popular nowadays and are ranked among the leading non-degree programs.

Public Safety and Security Post Grad Certificates Programs

Public safety and security post grad certificate program comprises of various subjects and courses that integrate practical exercise and theoretical knowledge that are needed for the industry. Since the program is short in duration, much of the curriculum is advanced in nature and is career-oriented.

Students in the program will learn about various agencies in this industry and their role towards protecting the public. The coursework entails a number of theoretical subjects that cover in detail various management theories used in agencies, social impact of security strategies, and state legislation. Side by side, students also acquire hands on experience and strengthen their communication skills, analytical sills, and critical-thinking skills. The curriculum of Public safety and security post grad certificate programs may vary a little from institute to institute. You can also pursue this program online from accredited online schools. Here are a few of the main subjects you will cover in the program:

  • Investigations and policing
  • Information systems
  • Management systems
  • Law enforcement
  • Private and public security
  • Correction
  • Court services
  • Probation and parole

Career Options

You can choose from a different career options in various public safety and security agencies. If you are interested in upholding law and bringing down bad guys, you can opt for a police officer career. On the other hand, if you want to work on the administrative side, you can seek managerial roles in protective services and corrections. The income level will vary from job to job. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the annual median income of police officers was approximately $56,980 in 2012 whereas corrections officers made a median income of $38,970. The public and safety security sector offers a many reasonably paying jobs opportunities.

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