Post Grad Certificates in Homeland Security

The Homeland security department is one of largest federal agencies in the nation that work towards tackling nationwide security threats. From cyber-attacks to terrorism attacks and from natural disasters to illegal immigration, the Homeland Security Department aims at reducing vulnerability of the US from all kinds of threats. The last few decades have seen a rise in such incidents which have increased the role of the Homeland Security. Many people can be seen entering this industry, in hopes of serving their nation and protecting the rights of citizens.

However, not everyone is eligible for a career in this prestigious industry. One must have the right set of skills and specialized education in homeland security. With the passage of time, Homeland Security has evolved to become a separate academic discipline at college level. Now students can opt for higher education in this field and prepare for a career in the Homeland Security Department. Apart from the regular bachelor and masters degrees, individuals can also pursue certifications and diplomas in this area.

Homeland Security post grad certificates programs have increased in popularity over the years. These programs have proved to be a suitable academic route towards a certain career/occupation. Those who are already working and wish to switch their career, or enhance their skills in a field, can opt for a certificate program. The duration of certificate programs is less as compared to the traditional degree programs.

Post Grad certificates in Homeland Security

A post grad certificate in Homeland Security is designed specifically for individuals who have completed a masters degree. The program is designed to allow individuals to gain a well-rounded understanding of the current Homeland Security threats and strategies. The program will cover in detail certain areas that shed light upon the modern day national security threats, planning and implementation of security strategies, and issues related to local, state, and federal security goals. Some of the main objectives of the program have been listed below:

  • Understand legislation and security policies
  • Understand the impact of catastrophic events
  • Gain insight regarding organizations working under the authority of the Homeland Security and their goals
  • Planning and execution of security plans
  • Emergency management techniques used by the Homeland Security Department

Each subject carries a defined number of credit hours that must be earned. The duration and curriculum usually tends to vary slightly from college to college.

Career Prospects

Having an extra credential such as a certification in a certain field can help individuals qualify for leading careers. Employers prefer hiring such individuals who are certified in a chosen occupation. The Homeland security department is divided up into many branches that offer relevant career opportunities to qualified experts. Individuals can choose to work in the following fields:

  • Citizenship and immigration services
  • Customs and border protection
  • Federal law and enforcement training
  • Federal emergency management agency
  • US Coast Guard
  • US secret service
  • Transportation security administration

The income level will vary from job to job. You will receive compensation based upon the exact job position you qualify for, skill and specialization area, and qualifications.

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