Post Bacc Programs in Criminal Justice

The online post bacc programs in criminal justice are programs that are designed to help students enhance their knowledge and understanding of the criminal justice system. Modules within these certificate courses are also designed to help students understand how to link law enforcement with general policing and public protection. These courses help equip students with the knowledge and information that is needed in order to prepare effective security protocol and procedures.


Admission requirements and procedure

Online institutions open admissions for these courses in fall and spring season. The application process will vary from institution to institution but for some it is the same. Generally application packs contain forms which need to be filled and supported with a number of academic documents. These include transcripts and copies of certain standardized tests. Many institutions require that student have completed a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice before they can seek admission into a post bachelor’s certificate of this kind. Admissions also may require that all students possess at least a 2.30 cgpa out of 4.00 in their bachelor’s degree programs. While this may be a standard requirement for some institutions others may require a higher grade point average.

Certificate focus and courses studied

Within this particular certificate there are a wide range of topics and courses that students are allowed to study. The courses are vital in allowing students to properly link information between law enforcement, public protection and also learn how to develop safety protocol. Some of the common courses that students are required to study are:

  • The history and development of juvenile justice systems
  • Psychopathology and criminal justice systems
  • Criminal investigations and law enforcement
  • Studying and developing criminal profiles
  • Psychological mapping and criminal justice systems
  • Analytical systems and report generation
  • Policy development and protocol designs
  • Public safety and security development

Career Outlook

After the successful completion of a post bachelors certificate in criminal justice students can pursue a master’s degree in the same. The credits that are studied within this certificate course can be transferred towards the completion of a master’s degree in the same discipline. Students can then look into the possibility of a number of careers such as private investigators, police officers, investigators and detectives as well as public security team members. While most of these careers are very high danger positions, other careers like course instructors and criminal justice teachers can also be taken up by those who complete master’s degrees in this field.

Income potential and job increase forecasting

In accordance to the Bureau of Labor Statistic (BLS) the field of criminal justice has seen an overall increase of 2% in the year 2012. Those who had completed some post bacc programs in criminal justice could pursue teaching jobs for the discipline. In 2012 alone teachers of criminal justice managed to earn $622,770 per year.  For more information and links to knowledge databases with regards to courses and certificates, please visit our website.

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