MBA in Law

The law and business industry is one of the largest sectors that make up our economy. There are many federal and private agencies that work in these sectors, working for the betterment of the society. With the increasing complexities of businesses and legal policies, the need for well trained and educated business professionals is high. There are numerous occupations within corporate agencies that require experts who have a sound understanding of business concepts as well as law.

Individuals who wish to work within these corporations can prepare themselves by earning a degree in business and law. Thanks to the growth of dual degree program, now students can earn a qualification in both fields through a single program. One of the most popular degree programs being offered nowadays is the MBA in law program. You can pursue an MBA in law and legal studies from many renowned accredited institutes.

MBA in Law

An MBA in law program introduces students to various business concepts and areas of law. Falling in the category of dual degrees, the main aim of the program is to provide students with an in-depth understanding of both areas and familiarity of legal terminology. It is important for students to gain insight on current legal trends and regulations that build the framework for corporate activities. Factors such as technology and globalization have made business policy making a more complex field. The curriculum of MBA in law comprises of various legal subject and business courses that cover all important factors. Not only do students learn about the law making procedures, but also build a strong understanding of marketing concepts, international market, human resource management, and strategic development. Some of the courses most likely to be found in the curriculum have been mentioned below:

  • Business law
  • Legal research
  • Strategic development
  • Principles of management
  • Environmental law
  • Marketing and promotions
  • Accounting and finance

The program curriculum will also entail research projects and assignments that allow students to develop certain skills and gain practical experience. Some basic skills that students build include communication skills, research skills, legal skills, analysis skills, critical thinking skills, and decision making skills.

Law and legal MBA programs can also be pursued online. If you are working full time or part time, and cannot manage your studies easily, opting for an online program can turn out to be a suitable choice. This mode of learning is very flexible and cost friendly.

Career Opportunities

The career options in business and law are vast. You can pursue managerial level job positions in a number of private and federal agencies. An MBA in law will also qualify you for a job in the justice administration sector. You can work as a court clerk, legal advisor, or even a risk manager in large corporations. You area of specialization will determine the type of job you can apply for.  A few popular career options have been mentioned below along with median salary information provided by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics:

  • Human resource manager $55,640
  • Management analyst $78,600
  • Paralegal assistant $46, 990
  • Title examiner $46,310

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