MBA in Legal Paralegal

The legal industry has opened doors to a number of administrative and managerial job opportunities. This industry is constantly evolving due to the changing social structure and corporate fields. While many students are prepping for careers as lawyers and attorneys ahead, a vast majority of aspiring individuals can be seen preparing for administrative roles in the legal industry. Not necessarily do you have to take the bar examination and start practicing to join the legal field. You can look forward to a range of other occupations that are managerial and administrative in nature. With the rise of administrative legal professionals and assistants, many more institutes have added Paralegal programs and MBA in paralegal studies to their programs offerings. These programs are designed to provide students with managerial skills as well as legal skills.

MBA in legal paralegal

MBA programs are ranked among the most prestigious business programs globally. MBA degree holders have an edge over other business students when it comes to competency and skill. The program is designed to provide students with in-depth knowledge about business theories along with knowledge about paralegals. Students acquire insight on how various legal corporations are run and what legal dilemmas they face in today’s competitive environment. The coursework covers a wide range of subjects related to both fields. Some of the important subjects studied have been listed below:

  • Business management
  • Management principles
  • Business ethics
  • Marketing
  • Financial management
  • Criminal justice
  • Corporate law
  • Legal administration
  • Trial and sentencing

The main objective of MBA in paralegal degrees is to help students learn how to make key business decisions keeping in mind the legal aspects. From contract development to legal policy making, students cover a wide range of topics. The theoretical portion of the program is geared towards building a strong foundation of knowledge. Other courses emphasize skill development that is crucial for both business and legal careers. Some of skills that students develop in this program have been mentioned below:

  • Communication skills
  • Managerial skills
  • Legal administrative skills
  • Decision making skills
  • Policy making skills
  • personnel skills
  • Analysis skills

The program can be completed in two years or less. However, the duration may vary and depend upon the institute you enroll in. You can also pursue MBA degrees through accelerated program tracks. If attending college is not a possibility for you, die to any reason, you can still fulfill your academic goal by enrolling in online programs. These degrees can be studied from any location and at any time, requiring you to only have a laptop and an internet connection.

Career Opportunities

The career opportunities with an MBA in legal paralegal can be rewarding as well as challenging. You can seek work at administrative and managerial positions in various corporations. A number of private, federal, and legal agencies require individuals who have legal knowledge as well as business skills. The income level of jobs in this field will vary greatly from occupation to occupation. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, paralegals made an annual median income of $46,990 in 2012.


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