MBA in Fraud Investigation

The field of Fraud investigation is growing rapidly due to the complex business market around the globe. With so many firms working in the competitive environment, the risk of fraud and disputes is high. Many fraud investigators are hired by firms to look into fraud cases, allege misconduct, and financial disputes. The findings and testimony of fraud case examiners or investigators is highly valued in courts.The field is being offered by a number of academic institutes as a specialization area. One of the most popular programs that reflect a high number of student enrollments is the MBA in fraud investigation. An MBA degree is one of the most prestigious business qualifications accepted by employers. With a specialization in fraud investigation, one can look forward to a career in this specialty area.

MBA in Fraud Investigation

An MBA in fraud investigation will help students acquire a wide array of accounting, business, taxation, and investigative skills. The program will highlight management principles being used in today’s environment and will allow students to understand different business functions related to finance, law, marketing, and regulatory compliance. The curriculum will cover numerous managerial courses that will build a strong foundation of knowledge among students. Apart from this, the program will cover the following courses:

  • Fraud analysis
  • Investigation techniques
  • Research methods
  • Loss prevention
  • Banking and finance
  • Financial statement analysis

The curriculum components will vary slightly from one institute to another. Students can also pursue an MBA in fraud investigation online due to the growing popularity of online learning. This mode of education can be a suitable academic route for working individuals who cannot take classes at a campus.

Career Opportunities

With an MBA in fraud investigation, you can seek employment in law firms, insurance companies, brokerage firms, government agencies and even baking institutions. The job duties for these professionals usually depend upon the type of firm they join, but generally include tasks such as investigating claims, collecting facts and evidence, negotiating settlements, and documenting claims. The median income for these professionals has been estimated to be approximately $59,850 according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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