MBA in Criminal Justice

The criminal justice field is one of the most popular sectors nowadays. With numerous agencies working within its boundaries, one can choose from a wide variety of occupations. Criminal justice can be described as the implementation of criminal law, regulation, and upholding law for the safety of individuals. Police officers, border patrol officers, correctional officers, and the homeland security jobs are just a few of the main career options one can choose from.

Those who wish to play a role in protecting their nation and providing security to fellow citizens can opt for criminal justice careers. However, the field is experiencing growth due to changing laws, cultural diversity, and technology. This has led to the development of administrative procedures and job functions. Those who do not wish to work on the front lines and uphold can instead go for administrative careers within the criminal justice field.

While all criminal justice degrees focus on providing students with in-depth knowledge of criminal policies, this academic principle can also be pursued in business degrees. There are a number of institutes offering MBA in criminal justice. This is basically a dual degree that aims at prepping students with vast business administrative skills along with specialization in criminal justice.

MBA in Criminal Justice

Studying criminal justice within the scope of business management offers students the chance to prepare for managerial and leadership roles in the criminal justice industry. The coursework of criminal justice MBA programs entails subjects that focus on business concepts and legal subjects. During the initial phase of the program, students will develop necessary management skills and will cover subjects such as the following:

  • Managerial economics
  • Financial management
  • Political and social science
  • Marketing
  • Organizational behavior
  • Human resource management
  • Management principles

Apart from the above mentioned business-related courses, much emphasis is laid upon legal skill development as well. Some important criminal justice courses covered in the program include criminal psychology, criminal trials and procedures, legal trends, law enforcement agencies, and more. These subjects will allow students to learn about the inner workings of criminal justice departments. The exact curriculum will depend upon which institute you enroll in.

The duration of an MBA in criminal justice will vary from college to college, but generally does not take more than two years. You can also pursue this prestigious degree online. Criminal justice and business administration are both ranked among the most popular academic principles. Acquiring a combination of skills in both fields can lead to dynamic job opportunities ahead.

Career Opportunities

With an MBA degree in criminal justice, you can look forward to a variety of leadership job roles, managerial job roles, and administrative job opportunities in criminal justice agencies. Some popular occupations that require MBA degree holders have been listed below:

  • First line supervisor of police
  • Court administrator
  • Social services officer
  • Casework or manager
  • Parole or warden officer

The job duties and income level will vary from occupation to occupation. This field of work is suitable for those who want to contribute in the field of criminal law.

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