Master in Legal Paralegal

The legal industry is growing fast and has boosted the need for paralegal assistants throughout the nation. According to US News, this occupation is expected to grow at a fast rate and is ranked among the leading legal careers today. For those who want to become a part of the legal industry but without becoming a lawyer, paralegal careers can be a worthy choice. Lawyers and attorneys require administrative personnel who have a strong understanding of law. Paralegals are professionals who provide supportive services to legal professionals. Along with administrative skills, paralegals are also fully-equipped with legal knowledge.

With the growing demand of paralegals, many institutes have started offering paralegal courses to aspiring students. These programs are designed to equip students with career oriented knowledge and skills. Some of the most popularly pursued programs include bachelor degrees in paralegal studies and masters degree in paralegal studies.

Master in Legal Paralegal

After completing a bachelor degree in this field, you can enhance your job opportunities by acquiring further advanced education at post-graduate level. A masters degree in paralegal studies is an advanced post-graduate program and is the most popularly pursued academic program. It is designed to incorporate advanced legal skills in students that will help them pursue a rewarding career as a paralegal ahead. The program usually has a duration of 2 years, but this duration can vary slightly from college to college. Students can also pursue paralegal masters programs online.

The program prepares students for the competitive career of paralegals. The coursework covers numerous topics and subjects that build theoretical understanding as well as practical skills. It is crucially important for students to understand the legal justice system in the United States, legal agencies and their functions, and the scope of international law. Some important legal subjects can be found in the curriculum of Legal paralegal master programs are:

  • Corporate law
  • Intellectual property law
  • Criminal law
  • Trial procedures
  • Justice administration

Along with legal knowledge, students also build necessary administrative skills that will help them understand the workings of law firms. From conducting legal research to preparing trail documents, students learn how to perform many different tasks. The nature of masters programs is advanced and requires students to have a brief understanding of legal systems. One can also specialize in certain branches of law such as family law or criminal law. The options available for specialization will vary from institute to institute.

Paralegal Careers

Paralegals made an annual median income of $46,990 in 2012 according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. With a positive growth trend, the occupation is expected to grow rapidly in the coming few years. A masters degree in paralegl education will qualify you for high paying administrative roles and assistant job roles in law firms. You can also work in other federally run law agencies and corporations. Some basic job tasks performed by paralegals include:

  • Investigating facts for cases
  • Conducting research on cases
  • Assisting lawyers and attorneys for trials
  • Managing legal databases
  • Drafting documents and legal papers
  • Managing administrative tasks in law offices
  • Scheduling appointments and interviewing clients

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