Master in Security and Protective Services

A master in security and protective services degree may be just what you need to develop skills needed for security jobs at schools, different industries, hotels and government embassies. Jobs related to the planning and execution of security protocol can be pursued with a degree of this kind.  People, who have a degree in security and protective services, should be tech savvy and should also seek courses to help enhance their intuitive abilities. These are some necessary skills when it comes to the development of security protocol.

About the program

In most universities the master’s degree in security and protective services is spread over two year. This can vary based on the kind of program that a person wishes to follow. Online options are available as full-time or part-time courses. People who enrol as part-time students may take longer to complete the degree, as compared to those who opt for a full-time online or traditional program.

Courses that are studied under these degrees will vary, based on individual institutions; most universities offer a wide range of such as:

  • An introductory course to security- a set of courses that cover the basics
  • Security practices and law- a set of courses that would help people understand what security measures can be taken within a legal framework
  • Practices of physical security- a set of courses aimed towards teaching people what measures need to be taken for individuals
  • Investigations and intelligence- courses designed to enhance a person’s application of skill and intelligence
  • Systems- courses designed keeping in mind the latest trends and advances in technology, allowing people to learn how to pair technology with strategy
  • Analytical skills- subject matter designed with an aim towards enhancing analytical abilities. These would help people understand how to assess the vulnerability of situations

Benefits of online education

While online courses and degree programs are a relatively new concept, their scope and advantages are significant. The most important aspect in connection with a quality education is usually the cost. Online education helps lower the impact of fees quite a bit. Keeping in mind the fact that online courses can be studied anywhere in the world, institutions are able to offer quality education at a low fees. People can further cut costs because online education eliminates the need for commuting to and from institutions. People can also study when it is convenient for them because all material and lectures are available 24/7 online.

Career Outlooks

This particular field might be fruitful for some people in terms of jobs and employment. Those who successfully complete these programs can pursue challenging careers. According to the Bureau or Labor Statistics report, people who complete a master in security and protective services degree can pursue careers in a number of positions such as police officers, detectives, investigators, fire-fighters, security guards and personal body guards.  In the year 2012 the BLS reported the mean annual wage of security service officials to be $43,050. BLS also reported that in the same year protective service officials earned a mean annual wage of $ 33,680.

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