Doctoral in Security and Protective Services

The sector of Security and protective services is managed by selected federal agencies and organizations. These agencies aim at helping individuals, families, and other vulnerable beings from threat and injustice. The last decade has been witness to a number of man-made and natural disasters that threatened the peace of our nation and citizens. With increasing concerns, security professionals have increased in demand throughout the nation. Many hard-working individuals have dedicated their careers to providing security and protective services. This field of work can be demanding in many ways but also brings a sense of achievement and fulfillment. Security and protective services is also an academic principle that can be pursued at graduate, undergraduate, and post-graduate level. If you want to join this sector and help others, you will first have to acquire specialized training and higher education.

Doctoral in Security and Protective Services

If you plan on pursuing leadership roles in the field of security and protective services, a doctoral qualification can help you. Doctoral degrees are the highest educational programs you can go for in any academic field. You must have a bachelor and masters degree to qualify for post-graduate study. Security and protective services doctoral programs comprise of various components that must be completed to successfully earn the degree. Students will have to complete the coursework that covers a wide range of relevant subjects, research paper, prospectus and dissertation.

Students enrolled in this program will cover subjects that are career-oriented in nature and advanced. These subjects will provide individuals with a comprehensive understanding of the security sector, functions, and importance. Apart from the basic coursework, leadership skills play an important role in doctoral programs. Students undertake certain projects and research papers to develop communication skills, research skills, decision-making skills, and leadership skills. All components of the program carry credit hours that must be earned. Here are a few main study areas that are included in the curriculum of security and protective services doctoral programs:

  • Security management
  • Risk analysis
  • Industry crisis administration
  • Corporate security
  • Threat assessment
  • Basics of executive protection
  • Cultural dynamics
  • Loss preventions
  • Case management
  • Counseling
  • Drug and crime issues

Doctoral degrees in this field are also being offered by a number of online schools. If you are working or cannot join a college full-time, you can go for an online degree instead. The coursework and duration of this program is likely to vary slightly from institute to institute. Most doctoral degrees can be completed in 5 to 7 years.

Careers in Security and Protective Services

You can seek plenty of leadership job opportunities in federal security agencies with a doctoral degree. The job position you may be eligible for will depend upon your area of specialty and skills. Some individuals pursue jobs such as protective service workers or even join the Homeland Security Department. The income level will vary from job to job. But generally, doctoral level degrees lead to high paying secure careers. This field has a lot of growth potential, and will let you pursue rewarding jobs.

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