Doctoral in Public Safety and Security

Federal security agencies aim to protect public from terrorism and natural disasters. We often come across officials at the airport or at the borders who are working to detect various threats. Due to the consistent efforts of these officials, various security threats stay under control. Law enforcement and security agencies such as police department and border patrol agency are all working to protect public. Many public safety and security occupations are in high demand. The field is quite vast and it requires professionals who want to protect citizens from danger and also serve their nation. A job in public safety and security does not only require the right education, but also a lot of commitment and dedication as well.

Doctoral in Public Safety and Security

If you wish to pursue a doctoral in Public Safety and Security, it is important to understand that it is a time taking program which also requires high level of dedication. Like other doctoral programs, students need to be quite goal oriented and should stay focused during the course of study. Students looking for admission in the program should have a master’s degree in relevant fields such as public safety, emergency management, security and safety leadership, and public safety administration. PhD students may also require experience in emergency response, homelands security, public safety, fire and rescue services, criminal justice, or law enforcement.


The coursework for doctoral in public safety and security is designed for students to acquire sound understanding and practical skills in the field. Following are some of the major courses covered in the program:

  • Terrorism - A Systemic Approach for Emergency: this course enable students to have an overview on terrorism at a local, national, and international level. It focuses on developing a systemic approach for emergencies.
  • Government and Public Policy: this course covers topics such as democratic governance in public policy and public administration. It also explores the functioning of nonprofit organizations in modern world.
  • Policy Review and Analysis in the Criminal Justice System: this course covers court decisions and also focuses on balancing public safety efforts with the increasing number of threats.
  • Leadership and Organizational change: this course focuses on leadership theory and current practices of public administration. Students work with real world examples and acquire an understanding of the complex practices of organizations.
  • Public Policy Implication of anti-terrorism policies: this course explores the history of US Patriot Act and assesses similar legislation and its impact on law enforcement organizations, as well as individuals.


Since the field of public safety is expanding, there are more challenges to be faced by public safety professionals. Doctorate in public safety and security will enable students to combat the increasing challenges of the field. There are a number of careers available for those who complete a doctoral program in public safety and security. Some popular careers include:

  • Fire Chief
  • Anti-Terrorism Task Force Coordinator
  • Emergency Response Director
  • Corporate Security Director
  • Police Chief


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