Doctoral in Corrections

Once criminals are caught, they are required to undergo a trail procedure where they receive a sentencing for their criminal misconduct. These criminals are then supervised by correctional officers who oversee their treatment, rehabilitation, and parole. Corrections has emerged as a major part of the criminal justice system, and includes a variety of functions that are carried out for treating and supervising convicts. This field is offered as a specialization area by many educational institutes. Such programs are geared towards providing individuals with career oriented knowledge and skills. Among the many undergraduate, graduate, and post graduate programs, the doctoral in corrections is the highest educational qualification one can aim for in this field.

Doctoral in Corrections

A doctoral in corrections can only be pursued after completion of graduate level studies. Students must have an academic background in corrections or a similar field to qualify for admission in a doctoral program. The duration of doctoral degrees usually falls within the range of 5-7 years, but may vary from institute to institute. The coursework is advanced and research based.

During the first phase of the degree program, students will spend a great amount of time building strong educational concepts and skills. The curriculum will entail numerous subjects such as legal administration, criminal justice system, criminal psychology, law and government, and corrections. It is necessary to understand how this sector of the legal system operates, and what major functions fall within its scope.

The program will also include a research paper, prospectus, and dissertation. These are necessary to complete to earn a doctoral degree. Students can pick an area of their interest for research and dissertation. Those who are already working and are unable to attend campus based classes can still earn this degree through online schools.

Career Opportunities

A doctoral degree in corrections will qualify you for leadership roles in correctional facilities and rehabilitation centers. You can expect a median income of $38,970 in this field. This salary figure has been stated by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. The job tasks will generally include enforcing rules and maintaining order in prisons, inspection of facilities, and supervising inmates.


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