Degree Completion in Paralegal

The paralegal field has expanded and evolved over the past few decades. Professionals associated with this line of work carry out critical functions in government offices and law firms. Increasingly, they are being assigned tasks which were previously carried out by lawyers only. Paralegal programs are now designed with specific focus on developing application-based skills, and give students a thorough understanding and comprehensive knowledge of their future responsibilities.

Why Choose a Paralegal Program

In order to become a valuable asset in any law firm or organization, it is essential that you must have a strong educational background. Paralegal programs are now offered to individuals who are considering a career in this field as well as for those looking to advance their existing careers. Many individuals from non-legal fields such as accounting, nursing, law enforcement, medical, business management, and teaching will find programs that allow credits and skills to be transferred to this field.

What Degree Completion in Paralegal Involves

Students enrolled in these programs will develop expertise in the following areas:-

  • Legal Research
  • Real Estate
  • Corporate Law
  • Legal Writing and Reasoning
  • Probate and Family Law
  • Corporate Law
  • Technology and the Paralegal
  • Litigation

All of these areas address essential parts of the paralegal work. The curriculum is designed to include courses that teach theoretical aspects and practical skills that are necessary for paralegals.  It explores the five primary sources of law. This includes the constitution; case law; statutory law; regulatory law; and executive orders. Students are instructed on both federal and state statutory and regulatory laws, and they learn to utilize the respective legislative and administrative codes. Other courses include an in depth analysis of the legal set up and working with different business entities. You will learn about the role of wills and consequences of divorce and death; preparation of cases for trial; collection, classification and maintenance of legal documents; civil discovery devices and successful application of legal documents such as depositions, interrogatories, and independent medical examinations.

Critical Paralegal Skills

Almost all programs aim to develop oral and written communication skills. To practice this, students will be given assignments such as writing case briefs and presentations in mock courtrooms. As this field is becoming more and more technology intensive, development of technology skills is also greatly stressed. Skills related to litigation, meditation and arbitration are also honed. More importantly you will be able to practice the right attitude required to succeed in this field.

Why Choose Online Education

Paralegal programs are offered in various formats. Students can opt for the traditional instructor led programs or the online ones. Most employers look for graduates of American Bar Association­-approved programs. As long as you go for an accredited program, the quality of education will remain the same and you can complete the program requirements at your own pace.

What This Field Offers

The growing trend amongst employers is that they are hiring paralegals instead of lawyers to provide legal services in order to reduce their costs. This is the main reason behind the fact that employment of paralegals is expected to increase faster than average as reported by the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics.


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Q:How is a Degree Completion in Paralegal covered online?

A:A degree completion program in paralegal studies is designed to allow students to acquire a college degree and prepare for the role of a legal assistant. If you pursue this degree online, you will be required to cover the course through online lectures, videos, tutorials, multimedia presentations, slideshows, and classroom conferencing.

Q:What is the coursework like of Paralegal Degree Completion Programs?

A:The coursework of paralegal degree completion programs is geared towards providing students with legal skills and knowledge. The coursework usually entails subjects related to management and the law industry. Some of the subjects covered include: corporate law, family law, office management, legal research, and more. Take a look at our page for more detail.

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