Degree Completion in Homeland Security

In response to the nation’s growing security concerns and issues, a dramatic growth can be seen in homeland security careers. The homeland security department is the primary federal body that is responsible for protecting the nation and its citizens from all kinds of terrorism threats, manmade disasters and natural disasters. There are a number of agencies working under the authority of the homeland security department. Individuals who have the passion to protect their fellow citizens can pursue dynamic career opportunities in this prestigious department.

Homeland security is being taught as a major at many renowned universities. Such programs are geared towards to providing students with in-depth knowledge about homeland security and its functions. Most commonly pursued degree programs include bachelor in homeland security, masters in homeland security, and doctorate in homeland security. However, due to costs and other constraints, many students are unable to finish their college education. To help such students complete their academic goals, institutes are now offering homeland security degree completion programs. These degree programs are specially designed to help working individuals finish their college degree and upgrade their careers. Due to high competition in the job market, having advanced education is necessary to move up the corporate ladder.

Degree Completion in Homeland Security

A degree completion in homeland security will take less to complete as compared to traditional bachelor or masters degree. Students enrolling in degree completion programs will receive credits for their professional achievements and work experience.

The coursework of a Degree completion in homeland security covers a wide range of subjects related to the field. It is important for students to study each course to acquire a comprehensive understanding of homeland security. Students will cover vital components such as critical infrastructure protection, intelligence sharing, and safety issues. The main aim of the program is to help students identify modern day threats and implement security plans accordingly. The curriculum of Degree completion programs in homeland security will vary a little from one institute to another. Generally, subject such as the following are covered:

  • Emergency preparedness
  • Fundamentals of homeland security
  • Law enforcement
  • Policy making
  • Ethical leadership
  • Natural sciences
  • Cultural diversity
  • Terrorism
  • Transportation security
  • Cyber-crime

Degree completion programs in this field can also be pursued online through accredited online schools. Technology and changing learning trends have boosted the popularity on online degree programs. This mode of education is highly suitable for working students who wish to improve their academic achievements without having to compromise on their job.

What Can You Do With a Degree Completion in Homeland Security?

If you are already working in this field, a degree completion program will enable you to improve your career opportunities as well as you income potential. The homeland security offers challenging yet rewarding career opportunities in a number of departments such as the following:

  • Immigrations and citizenship
  • Border patrol
  • US coast guard
  • Federal emergency management
  • US secret services

The income level will vary from job to job and will be determined by other factors such as skills and previous work experience.


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