Degree Completion in Forensics

Forensic science has grown in the recent decade and is seen as a popular profession. The field of work revolves around analysis of crime scenes and using scientific methods to evaluate evidence. Many crime units specialize in forensic science and provide assistance to law enforcement officers working in crime investigations. A number of CSI TV shows have emerged that reflect the occupation and its growing popularity. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are over 12,000 forensic scientists currently working in the economy. To become a forensic scientist or a technician, a bachelor degree in this field is required. The career also demands plenty of on-the-job training. Forensic science degrees are available at all levels of post-secondary education. However, not everyone is able to complete their college education due to many reasons. To help such individuals finish their degree and pursue a career, some institutes are offering degree completion programs in forensic science.

Degree Completion in Forensic Science

A degree completion programs in basically an academic program that allows a person to complete the credit requirements of the degree and successfully earn a qualification. This program is a non-traditional academic route to getting a college degree. Students can receive credits for the work experience and professional achievements they have accumulated over the years.

A degree completion in forensics will provide students with a broad theoretical and practical understanding of the field. Certain legal, scientific, and investigative courses are covered in the program. Students will learn how to practically apply scientific methods to crime scene data. The program will focus on skill development which is necessary to qualify for the job of forensic science technician. Some of the courses that are usually covered in the program curriculum have been listed below:

Career Opportunities

Before one can become a skilled forensic science technician, on-the-job training is required. This helps in developing necessary skills needed for the career, and also allows students to understanding the nature of the work. The median income of forensic sciences technicians has been estimated to be $52,840 according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.


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