Degree Completion in Criminal Justice

The criminal justice system in our country comprises of a number of agencies and organizations that work towards reducing crime. Examples of such agencies include police, border patrol, and courts. Without a sound criminal justice system, it would be difficult to maintain law and order in our society. There are many practices and policies that form the criminal justice system. These are designed to help mitigate crime and penalize individuals who violate laws.

There are many branches in criminal justice that require the services of skilled professionals. Individuals who wish to become a part of the criminal justice system can acquire a degree in this field, and choose a career that suits their interest.

Degree Completion in Criminal Justice

Among the many degree options available in the field of criminal justice, degree completion programs are gaining popularity. A degree completion program is basically an educational program that allows students to acquire college credit for work and experience. Scores from previous courses and tests are also combined to help a student qualify for a degree. Such programs are mainly pursued by professionals who were unable to complete their college education and are now seeking a degree for better career opportunities. We all know that having a college degree in hand is necessary to staying abreast with today’s tough requirements. Degree completion programs are a great way of helping students who had to quit their studies for work purposes. It is recommended that students first complete their general education courses before applying for admission in a degree completion program.


The coursework entails a number of criminal justice subjects. Since the field of criminal justice is vast, it is important to have an overview of all major components. Students enrolled in this program will polish their skill set and acquire knowledge about areas such as the following:

  • Criminal justice systems
  • Crime and psychology
  • Law enforcement techniques
  • Sociology
  • Current issues and trends

Apart from this, the program also allows individuals to pick an area to specialize in. The options for specialization courses may vary slightly from college to college but generally include options such as financial fraud, homeland security, justice administration, and law enforcement. To successfully qualify for the degree, students must study all the required courses and attain required number of credit hours.

Criminal justice degree online have made education more accessible and easy to manage. Students searching for a degree that will take their career to the next level can opt for an online program without compromising on their domestic and professional responsibilities.


The main goal of a degree completion program is to allow individuals to qualify for better jobs. Those working at entry level positions in criminal justice departments can apply for better job positions with a college degree in hand. There are many different careers one can prepare for such as police officer jobs, probation officer jobs, corrections officers, security specialist, and more. Degree completion programs are a great way to help increase income potential and career skill set.


Questions / Answers

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Q:Are Criminal Justice Degree Completion Programs being offered by popular online schools?

A:Yes, criminal justice is being offered as an academic field by many online schools. You can enroll in undergraduate and graduate degree programs in this field online. The coursework of online and campus based criminal justice programs is the same. This mode of leaning is flexible and allows students to study at their own pace.

Q:What is the difference between regular degree programs and Criminal Justice Degree Completion Programs?

A:Degree completion programs are offered to students who were unable to complete their college education. The program takes into account all kinds of professional achievements of the student and their working experience. The duration of these programs is shorter as compared to regular degree programs. Degree completion programs are a suitable academic route to getting a college degree.

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