Online Degree Completion Programs

According to a recent study, the number of college graduates in the United States has remained the same for the past three decades. While other nations have left us behind in terms of number of college graduates, our turnover has remained flat for over thirty years. This however does not in any way mean that we have run out talented individuals in the United States. There are many who were unable to complete college for one reason or another. Degree completion programs provide them with a second chance to become a college graduate, in some cases, in a relatively shorter period of time.

What are Degree Completion Programs?

As mentioned earlier, degree completion programs provide a second chance to those who now need a college degree to either excel in their respective careers or achieve a major milestone.

The programs work by providing students with the tools to successfully accomplish their professional goals. The programs may be offered at different degree levels and for various subjects like arts, sciences, liberal arts, humanities, social sciences and more.

A Bachelor of Liberal Studies in Interdisciplinary Studies, for example, may prepare a student:

  • To apply liberal arts knowledge into the practical world
  • Become proficient in writing through individual and team work
  • For in-depth study of literature and history through focused themes
  • Comprehensive knowledge of classical and contemporary areas of the natural sciences, humanities and social sciences

The abovementioned degree may be completed in 30 months. However, the actual date of graduation will depend on the student’s enrollment status. Some programs may take as early as 2-years to complete. However, once again, the degree completion may take longer, depending upon the student’s enrollment status.

Online Degree Completion Programs

Degree completion programs are available both on-campus and online. However, given the fact that the majority of those who enroll in degree completion programs are professionals working full-time makes online degree completion programs the ideal option.

Benefits of Online Education

The online option is ideal for the following category of students:

  • Mature students – Older students who have not been able to complete their college degree and feel hesitant to sit with younger students.
  • Students who are unable to commute – Majority of professionals cannot make time for on-campus classes. For them the online option is ideal since it provides them with a luxury to access course materials from the comfort of their home.
  • Stay at home parents – Students with added family responsibilities now do not need to wait for their kids to grow up to finish their college degree. The online option provides them with an opportunity to make their own schedule.
  • Cost-effective courses – Some students may find online education cheaper as compared to on-campus education. Accredited online colleges and universities do not compromise on the quality of education by charging less from their students.

With degree completion programs, no one has the excuse to not complete their college degree and become a more productive member of the society.

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Q:What is a Degree Completion Online program and in which academic fields is it available?

A:Online degree completion programs are available in all academic areas. These programs are designed to help students complete their college education. You can pursue a degree completion program in all academic areas such as law, business administration, arts, science, education, psychology, and more. Browse through our page for more information.

Q:How are degree Completion Programs different from regular degree programs?

A:Degree completion programs are designed specifically for individuals who are working and wish to complete their college education. The program takes into account professional achievements of the individuals and practical experience. The duration of such programs is shorter as compared to regular college degrees. You can also pursue a degree completion program online.

Q:What are online Degree Completion Programs and what are the benefits?

A:If you have not been able to complete your college education due to certain restraints, you can opt for a degree completion program instead. This program will recognize your professional experience and achievements and will allow you to earn a degree. Degree completion programs will help you boost your career and increase your income potential.

Q:What are the Completion Degrees advantages for students?

A:Degree completion programs are designed specifically for students who were unable to complete their college degree. Getting a college degree has become necessary for many careers in today's competent market. Now students can easily get a degree and also earn credits for their professional achievements. Take a look at our page for more information.

Q:Why should I pursue Degree Completion Programs?

A:Pursuing a degree completion program can help you increase your job prospects and earning potential. Since many careers nowadays require a college degree, students who were unable to complete college are recommended to opt for degree completion programs. In such programs, students are given credits for their professional achievements as well.

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