Certificate in Legal Studies

There are many different kinds of career paths and roles that a person can take up in the field of law. People can pursue careers as lawyers, transcribers, and paralegals. For all these different categories, some particular degrees may prove to be helpful. Generally individuals need to have completed Bar Association approved degrees to be able to practice law. Many institutions have also begun to offer a certificate in legal studies program. This is a fast track program, which may be useful for individuals looking to enter as paralegals or further advance their education in this discipline.


The objectives of the program

The main aim behind institutions starting up this kind of a course is to make students get in touch with the main concepts in legal studies. It is also a course that can help students re-connect with their education in cases where they may have left studies for certain reasons.  Students or even professionals who belong to other fields can take admission in such courses to enhance their professional profiles and add to their professional qualifications.

Certification and accreditation of the courses

While this kind of a course is a good choice it is important to check whether the offering university has the course approved by the American Bar Association (ABA). In the event that the course is not approved by the ABA, the courses can still be studied to enhance knowledge and prepare for associates or bachelor’s degrees in law and legal studies. Students would be able to make use of knowledge and information gained through such courses to get a head start in associates and bachelor’s degrees.

Outcomes of the certificate

Courses of this kind can help students determine the different elements that are necessary in pursuing higher degrees in law.  These courses can also help students learn the main practices and standards that are followed by law professionals and the legal system in specific states. After successful completion of this kind of a certificate course, students should ideally be able to write up legal reports. They should also be able to create drafts for legal documents and also develop a clear understanding of law practices.  The understanding and interpretation of legal terms and phrases is also an expected outcome of this certificate. Students should also be able to develop investigation and data collection processes. This is an essential skill, especially for those who intend to pursue further education and careers as paralegals.

Student’s, who complete a certificate in legal studies, can make use of it to apply into associates and bachelor’s programs. These programs can prove to be a valuable asset in helping students gain admission into higher level programs. Not only in admissions, but such courses can significantly aid students in excelling in associate and bachelor’s degree courses.  Such programs also offer a wide range of options for scholarships and financial aid. This is mainly because such programs do not require Bar Association certified teachers and institutions are able to offer courses at lower fees.

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