Homeland Security Certification

The graduate certificate program enables students to have a foundation in homeland security and public policy. It aims to equip individuals with the right expertise that is needed for working in the field.  The program is designed to help students in refining their risk and security analysis skills. Not only students develop sound risk analysis skills, they also acquire the necessary knowledge related to important issues of homeland security and public policy. Many institutes also offer online homeland security certificates.

Program Objectives

The certificate programs are prepared so that students can develop an understanding in the following areas:

  • Homeland security policy
  • Key players and their interactions
  • Crucial planning and organization aspects of homeland security
  • Impact of catastrophic events on society, domestic, and global economies

Courses Offered

Coursework for the certificate is based on both the core as well as elective courses. The courses offered in homeland security certificate program may vary from one institute to another. However, there are certain major courses offered by most homeland security programs, such as homeland security and public policy, economics for policy planning and development, modeling and operations research, value and decision theory, and risk analysis. Other courses include homeland security and terrorist threats, homeland security response and recovery, and global security.

Admission Requirements

Admission requirements can differ from one institute to another. However, general requirements of the certificate programs include educational transcripts, recommendation letters, completely filled in application forms and resume. There may also be a certain Grade Point Average (GPA) requirement for admission in the certificate program.

Online Education

Online education can be a good opportunity for individuals who cannot afford to acquire on campus education, due to their work or personal commitments. Online programs allow students a lot of flexibility, as they can create their own study schedule and complete courses at their pace. Besides, online education saves several costs that are normally associated with on campus education, such as travelling or fuel costs, textbooks, and hostel accommodation. It is advisable for prospective students to enroll in accredited programs, as they ensure quality education and improve employment prospects.

Career Options

Homeland security professionals can be found working in various fields such as emergency management, disaster recovery, facilities management, education, administration management, community practice, and research. Individuals who acquire homeland security education can choose to work in positions such as federal air marshal, immigration enforcement agent, TSA screener, border patrol agent, and secret service agent.

Salary and Benefits

Like other government jobs, homeland security positions offer competitive salaries and benefits. There are a number of determinants that can affect the salary of homeland security professionals.  Salaries can vary according to education, experience, location, and job function.

Apart from the salary, there are many other benefits offered such as health, life, and long term care insurance. Flexible spending accounts and retirement plan are among the major benefits received by homeland security professionals. Paid leaves are also available that may be utilized for vacations, care of family members, or illness.  






Questions / Answers

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Q:Can you tell me a little about homeland security masters degree jobs?

A:A homeland security program at masters level will equip you with a thorough understanding of the field. You can apply for managerial and executive level jobs in the homeland security department. There are a number of different sectors in homeland security such as immigrations, transportation security, customs, and border patrol.

Q:What is the main difference between homeland security certificate programs and degrees?

A:Homeland security certificate programs are non-degree programs. These programs have a shorter duration as compared to degrees. The main purpose of certificate programs is to provide individuals with career oriented knowledge and certify them in a specific task/field. Degree programs usually have a duration that can be anywhere between 2-4 years for undergraduate degrees, and 1-3 years for graduate degrees.

Q:What are homeland security certifications? And are they any better than degrees?

A:Homeland security certifications are designed to certify individuals in a certain field or task. Many employers look for certified individuals. However, only a certification will not qualify you for a high paying career in the homeland security department. It is recommended that you have earned at least a bachelor degree or an associate degree.

Q:Is a homeland security certification online suitable for me?

A:If you are working and wish to enhance your credentials without compromising on your job, an online certification can turn out to be a suitable choice. In online programs, you can develop your own schedule and study according to your free time. This mode of learning is more flexible and convenient as compared to campus-based programs.

Q:How do I become certified in homeland security?

A:Homeland security certification programs are being offered by many campus-based and online schools. A certificate program in homeland security will certify you in the field, and allow you to seek job positions in this department. The program can be completed in 6-12 months, depending upon which institute you enroll in. Browse through our page for more information.

Q:Can you tell me about the duration of criminal justice homeland security certifications if pursued online?

A:Criminal justice security certifications can be completed in 6-12 months, depending upon the school you choose to enroll in. Some schools offer the program with a 6 months duration. You can opt for certification programs online which make less time to complete. You can study according to your free time and convenience. Take a look at our page for more detail.

Q:What will a certification in homeland security teach me?

A:A certificate program in homeland security will provide you with in-depth knowledge about security concerns, measures, and issues. You will acquire a broad understanding of topics such as criminal justice and disaster management. Many employers are seeking individuals who are certified in this field. Take a look at our page for more information.

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