Certificate in Computer Forensics

If you are a computer forensics professional, getting certified is a good way of showing commitment to the field and improving your employment prospects.

Certified Computer Examiner (CCE)

This computer forensics certification is offered by International Society of Forensic Computer Examiners (ISFCE). To prepare you well for the test, you can get enrolled in one of the many Authorized Training Center (ATC) that ICFCE has around the world. While choosing a training center for yourself, you should ensure that it is approved by ISFCE. You should check if the training center carries a CCE BOOTCAMP Authorized Training Center/Authorized Training logo.

You will be eligible for this certificate if you have:
  • A  certain level of training from a Bootcamp ATC  Or
  • 18 months of work experience in the field of digital forensic examination Or
  • Demonstrate self study related to computer forensics.

To gain the certification you’ll be required to pass a four part exam. It remains valid for two years after which you will be able to apply for recertification. To help you understand the process, we’ve listed the steps needed for the testing process:

  • Submission of application
  • Receive feedback on whether you are eligible
  • Pay the fee
  • Submission of notarized CCE statement and instructions for taking online written exam
  • You will have to attain seventy percent of marks in order to be eligible for practical examination. You’ll normally be allowed one chance to retake the exam.
  • If you proceed to the practical stage, you’ll be assigned an assessor and required to complete a series of practical exams with a minimum of seventy percent in each.
  • Once all the practical exams have been completed with an average of eighty percent, your application and score will be sent to ISFCE certification board for review.
  •  You’ll be notified of the status within two days
  • You will receive the new certificate and membership card within one week.

Certificate of Forensic Computer Examiner (CFCE)

CFCE is offered by the International Association of Computer Investigative Specialists (IACIS) which is accredited by Forensic Specialties Accreditation Board (FSAB).  There are two ways to enroll:
  • Complete a two-week IACIS Basic Computer Forensic Examiner (BCFE) training course
  • Register for the exam and pay the fees. Registration process might involve a background check also

This certification program consists of two phases:

Peer Review Phase: You’ll be required to complete several practical exercises and submit reports or assignments. It is like a mentored process.

Certification Phase:  In this phase, you’ll independently be required to complete a practical exercise and a final examination. In case of the former, you’ll be provided with a forensic image of some type of electronic media (normally a hard disk device) and a practical written examination will be taken based on the image.  The latter involves a comprehensive exam of hundred questions related to fundamental computer forensic issues.

Your exams will be forwarded to CFCE Certification Subcommittee for grading.  If you are able to achieve at least eighty percent of marks, you’ll be issued the certificate. However, the certificate has to be renewed (recertified) after every three years. 


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Q:A computer forensics certification online will help me prepare for what career?

A:A certificate in computer forensics will equip you with skills needed to join the forensic industry. You will learn about various forensic techniques used to analyze digital evidence. With the rise in cybercrime and digital fraud, the demand for computer forensics has increased. Take a look at our page for more detailed information about computer forensics.

Q:How much time does it take to complete a Certificate in Computer Forensics?

A:The duration of a certificate program is less as compared to regular bachelor or masters degree. You can complete the certificate program in a few months depending upon which instate you enroll in. Some schools are offering 6 month certification programs while others are offering 12 month programs. You can search online to see which school suits you.

Q:Can you name a few of the subjects covered in an online Certificate in Computer Forensics program?

A:Online Certificate in Computer Forensic programs entail a number of subjects related to the field. Students get a chance to study the various facets of the field in detail. Some subjects that are commonly found in the curriculum of Online Certificate in Computer Forensics programs are: data forensics, fundamentals of computer security, operating systems and auditing, hardware configuration, and more.

Q:Is it possible to find a computer forensics certification list online?

A:Computer forensics is a major branch of forensic science. Many schools are offering computer forensics certifications, allowing students to specialize and pursue relevant careers. You can search online to see the current availability of computer certifications. Before enrolling in any program, make sure you check the accreditation of the program as well as the institute.

Q:Can you please name a few topics covered in a computer forensics certificate?

A:Computer forensics certification programs are designed to provide individuals with career oriented knowledge and skills. With the rise in cybercrime and threats, the need for skilled computer forensic scientists is high. The program will cover areas such as digital forensics, computer forensics, data recovery, intrusion detection and response, and more.

Q:How is a computer forensic certification easier to complete online?

A:If you opt for enrollment in a computer forensic certificate online, you can study according to your own pace and free time. Online programs can be covered from any location, without worrying about attending classes. You can manage your work and other activities without having to compromise on either. Online programs are gaining popularity due to flexibility and ease.

Q:What are the benefits of enrolling in an online computer forensics professional certification program?

A:Online computer forensics professional certification programs are self-paced and will allow you to study according to your own schedule. You do not have to worry about attending classes at a campus, purchasing textbooks, or sacrificing your career. You can study from the comfort of your home according to your flexibility and free time.

Q:What are computer forensics certification programs & training program designed for?

A:Computer forensics certification programs & training programs are designed to prepare individuals for careers in this field. Students will acquire career-oriented knowledge and will learn about the techniques used for analyzing digital evidence. The coursework will typically entail theoretical subjects and practical training sessions that allow students to build necessary skills.

Q:Are computer forensics certification courses offered by online schools as well?

A:Yes, computer forensics certification courses are also offered online. You can search online to see what options you have. Online programs are more convenient to pursue as compared to campus-based degrees. The coursework is covered online through online lectures, multimedia slideshows, presentations, classroom conferencing, and videos. Browse through our page for more information.

Q:What are the certification requirements of computer forensic?

A:There are many different computer forensics certifications you can choose from such as the following: certified computer forensics examiner (CCE), certified hacking forensics investigator (CHFI), certified computer forensics examiner (CFCE), and more. It is important that you earn a certification form a recognized and accredited institute/association. For more detail, take a look at our page.

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