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The criminal justice sector in our economy has expanded greatly. A number of law enforcement agencies have been set up all across the nation that specialize in a certain area. Some of the major examples of criminal justice occupation include criminal lawyers, police and detectives, homeland security agents, FBI agents, border patrol officers, and criminologists. The services offered by these professionals are crucial to sustain and uphold the law. On the other hand, the ever evolving facets of criminal activity and behavior has changed the world of crime overall. There is a constant need to tighter security laws and supervision. Individuals who wish to protect their country and help in law enforcement can fulfill their career goals by acquiring education in the field of criminal justice.

There are many different educational programs being offered in criminal justice. The most popular programs include the associate degree in criminal justice, the master’s degree in criminal justice, and the bachelor degree in criminal justice.  However, apart from these main academic paths, short courses such as certificate programs have also grown in popularity over the years. According to the US News report, certificate programs are being selected by many students as it offers a fast-track solution to getting certified in a certain field and being more competitive when it comes to searching jobs.

Certificate in Criminal Justice

A certificate in criminal justice is basically a short non-degree program that allows students to enhance their skill set and increase their knowledge base. The program aims at giving students the opportunity to learn about new developments in the field of criminal justice and what the currently law industry demands. The curriculum usually entails a number of courses that must be completed in order to acquire the required credit hours. This type of a non-degree program is career-oriented and certifies a student in a specific field of work or job task. Students can also pick an area for specialization that suits their career goal and personal interest. Here are a few specialization options:

  • Criminal litigation
  • Criminal law
  • Investigation and evidence collection
  • Criminal procedure systems
  • Police practices

Among the many students who opt for this short course, a large number of enrollments are usually from professionals. Certifications are becoming a great way to boost career and expand job opportunities. Many individuals already working in the law enforcement sector are opting for Criminal Justice Certificate Online programs to help increase their income potential and skill set.

Career Opportunities

There are many career opportunities you can look forward to with this certification. The type of job you can apply for will depend upon your specialization area and other qualifications. You can join the police academy and train to become an investigator, or you can work as a criminologist. The job options are vast and rewarding. The income level varies greatly from job to job. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) in 2010, some professionals such as investigators are making a median annual income of $42,870. You too can join this sector, make a reasonable income, and help the society in many ways.


Questions / Answers

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Q:What is a Certificate in Criminal Justice designed for?

A:A certificate in criminal justice is designed to provide students with career oriented skills and knowledge. The program will focus on areas such as criminology, law enforcement, and justice administration. Since this program falls in the category of a non-degree program, the duration is usually shorter as compared to traditional degrees.

Q:Criminal Justice Certificate Programs will help me learn about what fields?

A:A certificate in criminal justice will help you learn about the various facets of the field. The coursework will cover areas such as the following: law enforcement agencies, homeland security, justice administration, criminology, and national security. You can boost your career and enhance your skill base with the help of such certifications.

Q:How many months do I need to complete a Criminal Justice Certificate?

A:Certificate programs usually have a shorter duration as compared to traditional degree programs. Some certificate programs can be completed in 6 months while other may take longer. The exact duration will vary from institute to institute and will depend upon the mode of learning you choose. Browse through our page for information about criminal justice courses and degrees.

Q:Can you tell me about the program Requirements of certificate in criminal justice?

A:A certificate in criminal justice is a short course designed to certify an individuals in this particular area. The course will entail a number of subjects that each carry a defined number of credit hours. You must successfully complete all the coursework and assignments, and earn the minimum number of credit hours. The requirements may vary from school to school.

Q:What can I do after getting certificate programs in criminal law?

A:With a certification in criminal law, you can join the legal industry and work at administrative levels. There are many criminal law firms that require the services of certified individuals. On the other hand, you can also work in the law enforcement industry. Take a look at our page to find out more about certifications in this field.

Q:Is a certificate in criminal justice online easy to cover?

A:Online certificate programs are offered by many colleges nowadays due to the demand of online learning. The coursework is typically covered with the help of videos, presentations, sideshows, classroom conferencing, and online lectures. You can study according to your own schedule and free time. Online programs are also cost-friendly in many ways.

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