Bachelor in Paralegal

Paralegal education is a course of study pursued by many students who wish to join the legal industry. If students wish to enter the legal field, their options are not limited to only becoming a lawyer or an attorney, they may join the administrative field and work as a paralegal instead. Paralegals provide a range of services to lawyers; they assist them in preparing for trials, researching information for cases, managing office tasks, and drafting documents. These services help attorneys and lawyers focus on their cases and trials. Paralegal careers have grown in popularity as well as demand. The increasing complexity of the legal profession demands these types of skilled individuals who are able to manage a variety of tasks.

Bachelor in Paralegal

There are a number of degree programs that one may pursue in order to become a paralegal. A bachelor’s degree in paralegal studies is the main program that is available at an undergraduate level. This program is usually completed in four years, but could be completed in less time through an accelerated track option. The duration will depend upon which school you enroll, which type of program, and your enrollment status.

A Bachelor degree in paralegal studies covers many different subjects related to the legal field. Students spend a great deal of time getting an in-depth understanding of law and the justice system. Paralegals are required to be well versed with legal terminology and trial procedures. The program will cover information in administrative tasks, researching, and filing. Listed below are a few subjects that a bachelor’s degree in paralegal education will cover:   

  • Contract Law
  • Tort Law
  • Justice Administration
  • Insurance Law
  • Negotiation and Contract
  • Legal Theory
  • Mediation

It is important to remember that the curriculum will basically depend upon the school in which you choose to enroll. Apart from core legal subjects that students will cover, there are a range of general courses that are also studied such as psychology, sociology, and political science.

Certification is not mandatory, although it may be helpful for your career. There are a number of ABA (American Bar Association) accredited institutes that provide paralegal certifications and training programs.

You could also earn a paralegal bachelor’s degree through online education.  These types of programs do not require you to attend classes on a campus. Online programs in the field of paralegal education are a great option through which you could earn a degree and boost your career.


You could seek employment as a paralegal in a government agency, a large law firm, or even work with individual clients. The profession has become extremely rewarding and is attracting a number of qualified people. Listed below are a few of the tasks that paralegals are required to handle:

  • Investigate Facts of Cases
  • Organize and Present Information
  • Conduct Researches
  • Write Reports and Prepare for Trials
  • Draft Documents and Other Formal Statements

Some paralegals may also choose to specialize in a certain legal field such as family law, corporate law, or employment law. The median income of paralegals has been estimated to be around $46,000 by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. The need for paralegals is on the rise and this career is expected to grow at a fast rate.


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Q:What are the benefits of pursuing a bachelor degree in paralegal studies?

A:A bachelor degree in paralegal studies will help you pursue a career as a legal assistant. You can work in all kinds of law firms, depending upon your area of specialization. Paralegal careers have been ranked among the fastest growing legal careers nowadays. These professionals are required to provide supportive services to attorneys and lawyers.

Q:Can I qualify for a license after completing a bs in paralegal studies?

A:Not all states require paralegals to acquire a license or a certification. You must first get in touch with your state's licensing authority and find out what the career requirements are for paralegal. However, it is recommended that one should have a certification in this field. Many employers prefer hiring individuals who are skilled and certified in their specialty area.

Q:How much do paralegals make with a bachelors degree?

A:According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, paralegals make a median income of approximately $46,990 per year. This figure may vary from state to state and will depend upon other factors such as employer, experience, certification, and skills. Paralegal careers are ranked among the fastest growing legal industry careers.

Q:What level of salary can I make with a bachelor in paralegal degree?

A:With a bachelor degree in paralegal studies, you can apply for a job as a legal assistant. You level of income will depend upon various factors such as experience, employer, firm, skill set, and certification. According to data provided by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median income of paralegals is $46,990 per year. Take a look at our page to find out more about this field.

Q:Are there any benefits of bachelors degree in paralegal online?

A:If you pursue a bachelor degree online, you will not have to worry about attending classes at a campus. You can easily study from the comfort of your home. Online programs are much more flexible as compared to campus based degrees. Apart from these benefits, the costs of online degrees are more manageable.

Q:What are Paralegal Bachelor Programs designed for?

A:Bachelor degrees in paralegal studies are designed to help students prepare for paralegal job positions in the legal industry. The coursework will help students learn about the legal processes in the industry, litigation procedures, trials and courts, legal terminology used, and how to conduct legal researches. The program can be studied online as well through accredited online schools.

Q:Is there any availability of online paralegal courses in BC?

A:Yes, you can seek paralegal education online in BC. You can conduct a simple research on line and find out what accredited online schools are suitable for you. Information regarding paralegal schools is also available on our page. Online learning is becoming a fast growing trend as this mode of learning has proved to be more flexible and convenient.

Q:What program can I further pursue after completing a paralegal bachelors degree?

A:A bachelors degree in paralegal education will qualify you for a career as a paralegal or a legal assistant. However, if you plan to study further and enhance your qualifications, you can enroll in a masters degree in paralegal education, or any relevant field as legal studies. A masters degree will broaden you skill set and equip you with advanced knowledge.

Q:How is a paralegal bachelor degree online more convenient as compared to traditional campus based programs?

A:Online bachelor degree programs have proved to be more efficient, flexible, and cost-friendly. You can study according to you own free time and make your own schedule. On the other hand, there are no costs related to text books or travelling, which helps reduce the overall expenditure. Many schools have started offering online degree programs at undergraduate level.

Q:What is a paralegal bachelor degree and why should I go for it?

A:A bachelor paralegal degree is designed to provide individuals with legal skills and knowledge. The degree will qualify a student for a career as a paralegal assistant. This career is ranked among the fastest growing occupations in the legal industry. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, paralegals make an annual median income of $46,990.

Q:Is there any way to complete a bachelor degree paralegal in less time?

A:Yes, you can complete a bachelor degree in paralegal studies in less than the regular time by opting for an accelerated track. Accelerated bachelor degrees are designed to allow students to complete undergraduate education in a short time span, and join the industry. The exact duration of accelerated bachelor degrees will vary from school to school.

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