Bachelors in Legal Studies

Law is one of the main frameworks upon which our economy stands. There are many civil and business laws that guide organizations, people, and agencies. Without a strong legal framework, and legal experts, it would be difficult to run firms and protect the interests of our citizens. The legal industry comprises of many different occupations each designed to cater to the legal needs of a specific field. lawyers, attorneys, legal advisors, and paralegals are a few major professions. This industry is expanding fast due to growing complexities of the business world and technology, opening up many more job opportunities for individuals.

If you are interested in pursuing a career in the legal world, you must make sure you acquire a college degree in legal studies, and possess the necessary skills for a legal profession. Many renowned institutes specialize in legal education and offer a wide range of post-secondary degrees at undergraduate and graduate level.

Bachelor in Legal Studies

The bachelor in legal studies is a popularly pursued undergraduate degree. It is designed to allow students to acquire a comprehensive understanding the legal system in the United States. The program can be completed in four years at most colleges. However, the duration of Law and legal bachelor programs may vary slightly from college to college and also depends upon the pace of the student. With the growth of online learning, now students can pursue this prestigious degree through accredited online schools.

The coursework of a bachelor degree in legal studies revolves around the legal system and law. The curriculum entails subjects that emphasize legal research, law in the social context, analytical thinking, and legislation. Students will spend a great amount of time covering basic concepts that explain how laws are created and implemented. Having a sound basis of legal knowledge is essential for further advanced studies in the same field. Apart from this, skill development is also an important part of the degree program. A lot of focus is given to developing legal research skills, analytical and critical thinking skills, decision-making skills, and writing skills. Some institutes include legal internships and practical projects in their curriculum. This allows students to acquire practical experience and understand the industry demands. Here are a few subjects that are covered in the curriculum of legal studies programs:

  • Contract law
  • Legal research
  • Communications
  • Social sciences
  • Ethics and justice system
  • Judicial process

Career Opportunities

With a bachelor in law and legal studies, you can look forward to challenging legal careers ahead. There are many government agencies, law enforcement agencies, private organizations, and law firms that hire individuals with legal skills and knowledge. Some legal job positions you can pursue include the following:

  • Paralegal or legal assistant
  • Law enforcement officer
  • Contract administrator
  • Legal advisor

The income level of each of these professions will vary. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the annual median income of paralegals in 2012 was $46,990 and for police officers the median annual income was $56,980. You can excel your career in these fast growing occupations and look forward to many career advantages.


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