Bachelor in Legal Paralegal

Paralegals have turned out to be a vital part of all firms and the legal industry. The skills and input of such professionals has helped streamline the legal system’s service delivery process. Now you don’t have to necessarily get a law degree to qualify for this industry, nor do you have to work as an attorney. The legal industry offers many other career opportunities such as paralegal and assistant careers. These professionals basically work alongside lawyers and attorneys, and provide supportive services that can be administrative and managerial in nature. There are all kinds of paralegal certifications and degree programs available. These programs are specifically designed for individuals who want to work as a qualified paralegal. The demand for paralegal education has seen a dramatic rise in recent years.



Bachelor in Legal paralegal

Those who have just completed high school or an associate program can qualify for admission in a Bachelor in Legal paralegal degree. This is an undergraduate degree that can be earned from many schools across the nation. The program is aimed at allowing students to understand the legal field and build a set of skills for assistant level jobs. The curriculum will cover a wide range of subjects that focus on management concepts, legal terminology, and client demands. Listed below are a few of the main objectives of the program:

  • Students learn how to analyze legal data and assist clients
  • Conduct legal research and effectively use legal databases for sources
  • Prepare legal documents and reports such as briefs, affidavits, appeals, wills, contracts, and statements
  • Implement legal procedures and manage reports for trail purposes
  • Manage office tasks and apply managerial principles accordingly

Occupational Outlook

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for paralegal professionals is expected to grow at a fast rate in the coming few years. The median salary a paralegal makes id approximately $46,990. These skilled assistants are hired by many different firms in the legal industry such as finance and insurance companies, law firms, federal government firms, and more. The job outlook is positive and can be a suitable occupation for those who want to work in the law industry.


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