Bachelors in Homeland Security

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Q:Can you give me some general information about bachelor of arts in homeland security jobs?

A:A bachelor degree in homeland security will help you prepare for careers in this department. The homeland security department offer career opportunities in the following fields: federal emergency management, immigrations, law enforcement, customs enforcement, transportation security, cyber security, and more. The job requirements and training requirements may vary from department to department.

Q:With a bachelors in homeland security, can I become a border patrol officer?

A:Yes, with a bachelor degree in homeland security, you can apply for a job in the border patrol agency. You can visit the official web page of the homeland security department and find out what the job application procedure is. You will have to undergo training that will equip you with necessary skills needed for border patrol careers.

Q:What is the duration of a bachelors degree in homeland security? Can I complete this degree in a short time span?

A:The typical duration of a bachelor degree in homeland security is four years. But the duration may vary slightly from college to college. If you wish to complete the degree in less than four years, you can opt for an accelerated degree track. A number of universities of offering accelerated degree programs.

Q:How can I study an online bachelor in homeland security?

A:An online degree in homeland security is much more convenient and flexible as compared to campus based programs. You can study from your home without having to travel to a campus based institute. The coursework is covered through videos, online lectures, presentations, slideshows, and online classroom conferencing. Browse through our page for more detail.

Q:What subjects are found in the curriculum of graduate programs in homeland security?

A:Masters degree in homeland security is the leading graduate program in this academic discipline. You will cover a wide range of subjects in the program that will shed light upon current national threats and security issues. Some commonly found subjects in graduate programs in homeland security are: law and legislation, terrorism and cyber terrorism, criminal justice, and more.

Q:How can I join the FBI after getting Bachelors degree in Homeland security?

A:One can join the FBI after earning a bachelor's degree in homeland security. Apart from the educational requirements, licensure is required as well. The requirements may vary from one state to another. The candidate is required to be the citizen of the place he or she wishes to be the fbi agent of.

Q:Where can I get a Bachelors Degree in Homeland Security?

A:Many institutes offer bachelor's degrees in homeland security. A bachelor's degree in homeland security can be pursued both online and on campus. Online programs provide the convenience to study from home environment. They are also usually less expensive as compared to campus based programs due to low cost of online education.

Q:Can you compare Bachelors degree in homeland security vs. Bachelors degree in criminal justice?

A:A bachelor's degree in homeland security teaches topics such as introduction to homeland security, technology for homeland security, strategic planning and budgeting, and psychology of terrorism. A bachelor's degree in criminal justice teaches criminology and criminal law, deviant behavior, judicial process, and corrections. Hence those seeking a career in security services should opt for the former, and those seeking career in law and justice should go for the latter degree.

Q:What schools in Colorado offer a bachelors degree in homeland security?

A:These days many accredited and renowned schools offer bachelor's degrees in homeland security. The degrees are offered both online and on campus. The duration and curriculum of both online and on campus programs is usually similar. The typical curriculum includes topics such as fundamentals of homeland security, technology, strategic planning, and budgeting, and terrorism.

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