Public Safety and Security Associate

The field of public safety and security encompasses a broad range of responsibilities. A position in public safety involves taking care of the safety of other people and preventing them from dangerous situations. Public Safety involves managing large gatherings, handling the safety of premises, and conducting inspections of buildings to detect safety violations. Public safety is also important in natural disasters, as there are many people who need assistance, and public safety officials are required to provide it.

Objectives of Public Safety and Security Associate

Many Public Safety and Security courses are based on theory and enable students to acquire a basic understanding of disciplines such as emergency management, fire and safety, Para medicine, and corrections. Following are the major objectives of public safety and security degrees:

  • Provide comprehensive knowledge of public safety fields
  • Enable students to acquire communication, analytical, and critical thinking skills
  • Develop understanding of principles associated with emergency management
  • Acquire knowledge about the history of societal development and importance of public safety
  • Understand cultural sensitivity and determine its effect on security procedures
  • Learn policy making and devising plans to enhance public safety
  • Carry out public safety projects and know how to make them effective

Program Structure and Coursework

An associate’s degree in public safety and security normally takes two years to complete. However, it can be completed in more or less time, depending on the pace of students and institute offering the program. Courses can differ from one program to another. However, the major courses include dynamics of violence, criminal justice, cyber crime, patrolling, screening, protection management, public administration, and terrorism. The degree is based on theoretical concepts, which can be applied by students on the job.

Admission Requirements

In order to acquire admission in Public Safety and Security Associate, a high school diploma or GED is required. Most employers only require a high school diploma, but with an associate’s degree students can have better chances of employment. They may also get the opportunity to be employed at a more senior level. Students complete a number of credit hours in an associate program that may be later transferred to a bachelor’s program.

Online Public Safety and Security program

Individuals who cannot take out time to attend a campus based program can opt for online programs. Online programs can be a good opportunity for working professionals and individuals with family and work commitments. They are self paced and allow students to complete courses at their own pace and schedule. Besides, online programs are cost effective as students do not need to pay for travelling, textbook, or hostel accommodation costs.

Careers in Public Safety and Security

There is a broad range of employment opportunities for individuals with an associate’s degree in public safety and security. Security professionals are needed in many fields. Graduates can opt for different positions such as security personnel, private security guard, and public safety administrator. Government security positions are also available, which include different roles in law enforcement agencies.



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