Associates Degree in Law Enforcement

Have you ever wondered how law and order is maintained? From local police to homeland security, a number of agencies are working towards regulating law and making sure every organization and individual abides by these rules. This is necessary to keep the crime rate low and to ensure safety. People often underestimate the power and the need for law enforcement officials. Without these dedicated professionals, social peace and national security would be at risk.

Law enforcement agencies can be found operating at federal, state, and at local level. If you are interested in joining the law enforcement sector, you will need to acquire a degree in this field and also go through relevant training programs.

What is Covered in An Associate in Law Enforcement Degree?

There are three main degree programs that are offered by criminal justice schools. These are: associate degree programs, bachelor degree programs, and master’s degree program. For any of these, you need to have a high school diploma. The associate degree in law enforcement is the most basic and entry level qualification you can aim for. The program can be completed in two years or more, and is usually equivalent to the first two years of a bachelor degree.

An associate degree in law enforcement will familiarize you with the basic and fundamental concepts surrounding the academic principle. This can be a great start to helping you prepare for further studies in law enforcement, or even prep you for an entry level job in the sector. Many individuals who are looking for a quick route to joining the professional world opt for associate degrees.

The program covers areas relevant to law enforcement. You will acquire an in-depth understanding of law enforcement objectives, agencies and their roles, administrative functions, law enforcement techniques, and current issues in the society. You must study all the subjects included in the curriculum to successfully complete the program. Some schools are also offering this program online to students who do not have access to campus based colleges. This has made law enforcing education more accessible and more affordable.  Now it is possible to earn this degree from your home without having to travel anywhere or compromise on your other priorities.

Career Options

There are a number of career options you can consider with this degree. However, it is important to remember that the qualification will lead to entry level and supervisory level jobs. For better and high paying careers, a bachelor degree may be required.

The different sectors in law enforcement have all designed certain requirements that are mandatory for anyone looking for a career with them. You can join the police force and acquire training through a police academy if you want to work as a police officer. On the other hand, you can also join the homeland security department and apply for a job at various ports. According to the US News, patrol officer jobs have been ranked among the top law enforcement careers. The field is constantly expanding due to higher demand and complexity. So depending upon your interest and career goal, you can prep yourself for a challenging yet rewarding career.


Questions / Answers

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Q:An Associate in Law Enforcement will cover what kinds of subjects related to the field?

A:In an associate degree in law enforcement, you are most likely to encounter subjects such as criminal law, law enforcement agencies, crime and the society, juvenile law, and more. The exact curriculum of associate degrees may vary slightly from school to school. Browse through our page for more information about the program.

Q:What is the duration of Associates Degree in Law Enforcement?

A:The duration of an associate degree in law enforcement will depend upon the institute you enroll in. Unusually the duration is between 1-2 years. However, it is best that you check with the school to find out the duration of the program. It is also possible to pursue an associate degree online. Online learning is more self-paced and flexible.

Q:What can I do with an Associates of Applied Science in Law enforcement?

A:An associate degree in law enforcement will help you qualify for a job role in many law enforcement agencies. You can consider working as a police officer, probations or corrections officer, and even join the border patrol. You may be required to take training for such occupations and must also fulfill the other requirements.

Q:What can I do with an associates degree in Criminal Justice Law Enforcement?

A:With an associate degree in criminal justice or law enforcement, you can seek entry level job positions in a number of federal law enforcement agencies. You may have to acquire additional training, depending upon which you field you choose to join. The most common career options are: police, homeland security, border patrol, and security.

Q:What Schooling is required for associates in Law Enforcement?

A:Associates degrees in law enforcement are undergraduate programs. These are designed to provide students with a thorough understanding of law enforcement fundamentals. You will cover a broad range of subjects in this degree. The career options you may have with associate level degrees are entry-level. Browse through our page for more detail.

Q:Do I have to go to police academy if I have an associates degree in law enforcement?

A:With a degree in law enforcement, you do not necessarily have to join the police department. Yu can explore a number of other career options in this field. You can work in investigations, homeland security department, or even become a private investigator. Take a look at our page for more information.

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