Associates Degree in Homeland Security

In the wake of recent events related to national security breach, terrorism, and criminal activity, the homeland security department has upgraded its functions and tightened security. Many often go through tight checking procedures at airports, or investigations at border crossings which reflect the department’s aim at cracking down illegal activity. The department comprises of many divisions and agencies, each working towards enforcement law. The demand for professionals in the homeland security department has doubled over the years. Many young and aspiring individuals who wish to play a role in protecting their nation have joined this prestigious department.

If you plan on becoming a part of the homeland security department, you can prepare yourself by earning a degree in this area. Many renowned colleges are offering undergraduate and graduate degrees in homeland security. These educational programs were designed in response to the growing homeland security needs of today.

Associate in Homeland Security

An Associate degree program in homeland security is a pre-bachelor degree. It is designed for students who want to prepare for the homeland department. The program can be pursued after high school and usually takes two years to complete. The exact duration of the program will depend upon which institute you enroll in. Some institutes may offer associate degrees will less than two years duration.

The program will focus on all aspects of security concerns, terrorism concerns, and even natural disasters. Students must understand the nature of such issues and in which forms can national disasters arise. The curriculum will cover a wide range of subjects that can be theoretical in nature as well as practice-based. Each of the subjects covered in the program lay emphasis on a specific field and help students build a strong foundation of knowledge. Critical infrastructure, Intelligence sharing, and Disaster preparedness and response are a few of the courses studied in an associate degree in homeland security. It is important to keep in mind that the program structure and curriculum components may vary slightly from college to college. By the end of the program, students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate a sound understanding of law enforcement bodies, agencies, and their functions
  • Display critical thinking skills and problem solving skills
  • Understand the growth of homeland security and major events in history
  • Respond critically to disasters and seek suitable responsive measures
  • Retrieve and send important data
  • Analyze all kinds of information critically

Career Opportunities

With a homeland security degree, you can seek careers in the department. An associate degree will qualify you for basic level jobs in various departments. You can apply for training as a border patrol agent if you wish to work in this specific agency. On the other hand, you can also consider working in the sectors such as the following:

  • Citizenship and immigrations
  • Federal emergency management agency
  • Law enforcement
  • Customs and border protection
  • Transportation security administration
  • US Coast guard

Each of these fields offer many dynamic job opportunities to individuals who want to help protect their nation. The income level will vary from job to job and will depend upon other factors as well.


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Q:What are homeland security associate programs?

A:Homeland security programs are undergraduate degrees that aim at equipping students with basic understanding of the field. Homeland security is basically one of the leading agencies in the United States. Students learn about its various functions, security issues being faced today, and how to develop security programs to counteract these issues.

Q:What can I do with an associates degree in homeland security?

A:An associates degree in homeland security will help you understand the basic functions of this agency. You will acquire a brief understanding of the security issues being faced nowadays. With this qualification, you can pursue an entry level career in the homeland security department. The type of job apply for will depend upon you area of specialization.

Q:What jobs can I get with an associates in Homeland Security?

A:An associate degree in homeland security will qualify you for entry-level jobs in the department. You can choose to join a specific agency such as the immigrations, customs, border patrol, transportation security, and more. It is recommended that you visit the official web page of the homeland security to find out more about the career options.

Q:What does it take to get an associates degree in homeland security?

A:Many institutes are now offering associate degree programs in the field of homeland security. This program is aimed at providing students with a detailed understanding of basic homeland security concepts, terrorism issues, and national security. To earn this degree, one must complete the course components and earn a minimum number of credit hours.

Q:What kind of jobs can u apply for when u have a associate degree in homeland security?

A:The homeland security department offers a wide range of career opportunities to undergraduates, graduates, and even veterans. With an associate degree in this field, you can apply for jobs in certain agencies such as the immigrations, customs, law enforcement, border patrol, transportation security, and more. The type of job you may get will be entry-level.

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