Associate in Crime Scene

Crime scene Associate programs prepare students to get entry level jobs within the field of crime scene investigation. Many accredited colleges and institutes offer associate degrees in crime scenes, and with the growing demand for crime scene professionals, it is worth looking into these programs.


Associate in Crime scene degree program:

The associate degree that is offered in the field of crime scene is called the Associate of Applied Science in crime scene investigation. The criminal justice departments in accredited institutes are the ones to offer this degree program, which is usually two years long in duration. Many online colleges also offer associate degrees and are a popular choice among students who don’t want to pursue traditional, full time on campus lectures.

Associate degree programs are geared towards instructing students in crime scene management as well as well as giving them thorough background knowledge of law enforcement and the technology that is used in assessing various crime scene cases.  The admission requirements for enrolling in crime scene associate programs usually vary from school to school, but generally, students are required to have a high school diploma or a GED certificate. Some schools might have certain minimum GPA requirements and prior knowledge of law enforcement.

General Curriculum:

While the specific curriculum for an associate of applied sciences in crime scene investigation usually varies from school to school, students generally get to study courses which help them acquire various evidence collection, examination and analysis techniques as well as coaching them on other aspects of crime scene investigations. Students may also be asked to undergo extensive training exercises to perfect these skills as part of their degree curriculum.  The curriculum of the associate program would comprise of core courses in evidence collection, investigation and law. Students would also take elective courses of their choice. Some of the topics studied in the degree include:

  • Crime Scene Technology
  • Use of Scientific and Computer Technology in Evidence Analysis
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Evidence Recovery Techniques
  • Evidence Management
  • Crime Scene Technology
  • Evidence Documentation
  • Presenting Crime Scene Evidence
  • Criminal Law

Online Crime Scene Associate Degrees:

Online crime scene associate degrees offer a number of benefits for their students. These associate degree programs are flexible, in that students don’t have to disrupt their work routine and can study at their own pace and convenience. Moreover, students who enroll in online programs have the advantage of studying whenever they want and at whatever time they want. Online associate degree programs also prove to be more cost effective than regular on campus programs as students save transportation and commuting costs.

Career options:

With an associate’s degree in crime scene, individuals can hope to work as:

  • Police officers
  • Crime scene investigators
  • Evidence technicians
  • FBI agents
  • DNA analysts
  • Death investigators
  • Forensic pathologists

The career opportunities are not limited to these alone and individuals can pursue various other careers within the realm of law enforcement.


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Q:Crime scene associate programs can help me pursue a career in this area?

A:The main purpose of a crime scene associate degree is to help you understand the basic concepts of the field. You will cover a wide range of topics and learn about the investigative and research methods used at crime scenes. The degree will qualify you for assistant level and entry level job positions in crime units. You can also pursue other careers in related departments of the law enforcement field.

Q:What skills will I acquire in an associate in crime scene degree?

A:In an associate in crime scene degree, you will acquire skills and knowledge related to crime scene investigation. During the program, students learn how to apply various techniques, investigative methods, and also learn how to collect data from crime scenes. There are also a number of theory based subjects included in the curriculum that focus on developing a sound base of knowledge.

Q:What can you do with an associates degree in crime scene?

A:An associate degree in crime scene will prepare you for entry level positions in crime units and law enforcement agencies. You can work in various criminal units and agencies and help investigators. Crime scene investigators basically analyze crime scenes and collect evidence. One must undergo formal training and complete the minimum requirements to qualify for this field.

Q:How to earn a crime scene degree with associates degree?

A:Associate degrees in crime scene are undergraduate programs designed to prepare students for careers in the law enforcement and crime units. The program can be earned after high school. Typically, it takes two years to complete the program. However, you can also complete the program in a shorter time span by opting for an accelerated degree track.

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