Associate in Computer Security

Computer security is an important branch of the IT industry. It is concerned with securing networks and information systems used in different organizations. Information Technology has revolutionized our world in many ways, but has also increased the risk of cyber-attacks and electronic data theft. Consumer data and other important information are at a constant risk of being misused or lost. Businesses are seeking skilled experts who specialize in securing networks, protecting information systems and databases from security threats, and designing security software. This has increased the demand for security experts and IT specialists in the industry.

There are many schools offering degree programs in this specific category, keeping in mind the high demand for security experts. You can choose from various undergraduate and graduate computer security programs. These are necessary if you plan on becoming a computer security expert in this competitive field.

Associate Degree in Computer Security

Associate level degrees focus on basic concept development and skill enhancement. These programs fall under the category of undergraduate degrees. You can enroll in an Associate in Computer Security degree program after completing your high school diploma. In some places, an associate level degree will be equivalent to the first two years of a bachelor program. You can begin your computer security education with the help of this program.

The curriculum of a computer security program entails short courses, each covering a certain aspect of the field. You will get a brief understanding of computer architecture, networking, security basics, and standard protocols. The program will also help you develop certain skills needed for entry level job positions in the industry. Here are some of the key objectives of an associate degree in computer security:

  • Help students recognize computer systems, programming languages, and networks
  • Allow students to identify issues in networking and apply tools for recommended solutions
  • Develop a sound technical base
  • Identify and analyze networks used in different kinds of organizations today
  • Apply industry standards and techniques to various large scale networks
  • Meet organizational goals and manage teams effectively

Computer security associate programs include practice based courses as well. These are covered in computer learning labs where students can practically apply networking tools and techniques. This experience can be useful for the professional field ahead.

Career Opportunities

Many companies and organizations use computers and technology for their day to day procedures/tasks. It is important to have an expert who can manage their computer systems, networks, and provide security for electronic data. With an associate degree in computer security, you can apply for entry level job positions in all kinds of organizations. Some of the most common jobs available in this field are listed below:

  • Information System Security Officer
  • Systems Administrator
  • Information System Security Manager
  • Network Analyst

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the median income of network and systems administrators was $72,560 in 2012. Other factors that will determine the level of income in computer security include employer, experience, skills, and degree.


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Q:What will I learn in computer security associate programs?

A:In a associate degree in computer security, you will learn how to use computer applications for various business functions, design security programs, diagnose issues with security and networking, and comprehend basic installation of security programs. The curriculum however will depend upon which institute you enroll in. It is best that you get in touch with an institute and find out what kind of coursework they are offering.

Q:How long will it take to complete an associate in computer security degree?

A:An associate degree in computer security can be completed anywhere between two to 3 years. However, there are institutes offering less than two year associate degrees. You will have to find out about the duration by getting in touch with an institute you wish to enroll in. The duration will vary slightly from college to college.

Q:How to applied for computer security associates degree?

A:Cyber security and computer information systems security is a fast growing field. You can prepare for entry level careers in this industry by earning an associate degree in computer security. This program is offered by a number of institutes. You must first complete your high school education to enroll in the program. The admission requirements will depend upon which school you enroll in.

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