Minnesota Sheriffs Association Scholarship

Hello everybody, here is more information on another criminal justice scholarship. This scholarship is awarded by the Minnesota Sheriffs’ Association (MSA). Students in a law enforcement program or criminal justice degree program can apply for a $600.00 scholarship. Students must be enrolled in mandated POST skills program, in the second year of a two-year law enforcement program, or in the third or fourth year of a four-year college criminal justice course.

Applicants can get the Minnesota Sheriffs’ Association Scholarship application from the MSA’s website, https://www.mnchiefs.org/mc/page.do?sitePageId=53557. The application asks for 3 references from responsible adults of reputable standing in their communities, such as property owners, business or professional men or women, who have known you well for at least five years”. The application also asks for three social acquaintances that are of similar age to you. Employment history is also required, and all time periods must be accounted for even if you were unemployed.

Below are questions the applicant must answer on the application:

Describe your leadership qualities and style of management. How do you make decisions that may impact the lives of others around you or in your social group? Describe why you are applying for this scholarship in no less than 150 words. Students must have their application processed through their County Sheriff’s office. Any application submitted directly to committee members will not be considered. In addition to the application, students need to submit an official transcript from the school they are attending.

The Minnesota Sheriffs’ Association Scholarship application is due by October 15th. Scholarship winners will be notified by December 31st. Checks will be disbursed directly to the school and not the student.
I hope this information helps some of you who are looking for additional criminal justice scholarships for School.


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