Mike Nash Memorial Scholarship

The Vietnam Veterans of America (VVA) established the Mike Nash Memorial Scholarship fund in 1991. Mr. Nash was an active and supportive member of the VVA. He held various officer and committee member positions, and was committed to addressing the POW/MIA issue. The scholarship is open to Vietnam era veterans, dependent children, grandchildren, and orphans and widows of deceased Vietnam veterans, to help pay for undergraduate studies at accredited educational/technical institutions.

Students can download the application at (http://www.vva.org/NashApp.pdf) and must submit several other forms. Applicants must submit 4 copies of each required document, including the application. Applicants must submit a letter of acceptance to the school they are or plan to attend. Applicants must also submit their high school or college transcripts and a copy of their SAT or ACT results. A copy of their IRS Form 1040, their parent’s IRS Form 1040, and statement describing their financial need is also required with application. The financial need statement should include budget that shows all costs such as tuition, books, fees, room and board, and other living expenses; and it should indicate how the applicant is using other means, such as scholarships, grants, savings, or parents, to help pay for the costs. Two letters of reference from teachers, academic advisers, employers, etc., that shows the applicant’s character. Applicants must also write a 500 word essay on What a Veteran Means to Me. Finally, a letter that describes the educational goals and objectives of the applicant must be submitted.

The Mike Nash Memorial Scholarship application is due May 31st of the current year. The award is for one scholastic year, and award winners must resubmit the following to year to be considered again.

For more information please contact the VVA at Mike Nash Scholarship Program, c/o Vietnam Veterans of America, 8719 Colesville Road, Suite 100, SILVER SPRING, MD 20910-3710; by phone (301) 585-4000; E-mail: finance@vva.org; or the check the following site http://www.vva.org/scholarship.html.

Good luck and I hope some of you take advantage of this opportunity.

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