Horatio Alger Scholarships

Here is another great scholarship opportunity that students can use towards their criminal justice degree. The Horatio Alger Association of Distinguished Americans is offering the Horatio Alger Scholarship for students graduating from high school in 2012. The application period has now opened so students are encouraged to look into this opportunity.

Eligibility for the scholarship includes US citizenship, GPA over 2.0, graduating from high school in spring/summer 2012, enrollment in an accredited educational institution, seeking a bachelor’s degree, demonstrate financial need, and involved in extra-curricular activities and within the community.

An applicant needs to fill out the online application to start the process. The school counselor at the student’s school must fill out a Certification form for the student. The applicant must fill out the Academic Information section and the Adversity section in order for the counselor to be able to access the Certification form; the counselor will receive login instructions. An Applicant must also provide one letter of support. The student will provide the email address of the person writing the letter, and then the person will receive instructions. A high school transcript and copies of the student’s parent’s federal tax return must also be submitted.

Most scholarships available are $5000 and cover tuition and fees. The checks are mailed directly to the school.

The deadline to have all required documents submitted is October 30, 2011.

Students can start the application process here: https://www.horatioalger.org/scholarships/apply.cfm

The scholarship home site is here: https://www.horatioalger.org/scholarships/index.cfm

This is a great opportunity for students who want to use this as a criminal justice scholarship. Good luck.

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