Finding Criminal Justice Scholarships

Hi everybody, today I wanted to share some thoughts and observations I have made while updating this blog with various criminal justice scholarships available. I’ve noticed quite a few starting points that students can begin with when looking for additional financial aid. As education costs continue to rise the need for additional financial aid is necessary. Scholarships are a great type of financial aid because they are literally ‘free money’ meaning they do not have to be repaid like loans. Most financial aid sites recommend that students seek scholarships before applying for student loans. Fortunately, there are plenty of criminal justice scholarships available, if students know where to search.

There are many national law enforcement organizations that offer scholarships to criminal justice degree students. There is a great article that I read that lists several scholarships. The article can be found at: Students can read this article or wait for me to post information about the scholarships in the near future. The article shows how there are a many scholarships available from different organizations.

Another starting point is to check with local organizations and law enforcement agencies. I’ve posted information on a scholarship offered by the Minnesota Sheriff’s Association ( which shows how local agencies offer scholarships to students seeking criminal justice degrees. Another observation I’m made is that these local organizations also tie-in to larger, national organizational scholarships. So students should look in their community for these opportunities.

Many universities/colleges’ criminal justice degree programs also offer scholarships. Students should check with their school’s financial aid office.

One last starting point I will give is based on another article I recently read. The article can be found at: This article gives great advice on how to search for under-the-radar type scholarships. Usually the applicants for those scholarships are not as high, so a student’s chance to win one is greater than national scholarships.

There are other places students can search but I’ll save that for another blog entry. There are plenty of criminal justice scholarships available, but students just have to find them. Good luck.

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