Castle Inks Green Scholarship

Here is information on a scholarship that can be used for any degree, not just criminal justice. The Castle Ink’s Green Scholarship is a $2500 award available for all currently enrolled high school and college students, as well as students planning to attend college. The goal of the scholarship is to promote awareness about recycling and for people to think about the environment and the impact we have on it. Castle Ink offers the largest selection of high quality ink cartridges, laser toner, and refill kits.

Applicants need to write something about recycling and the impact it has on the environment. The length of message doesn't matter; it could be a long essay or a short blurb, but be sure your message is inspirational and makes people want to recycle. Then applicants must post it online someplace; you could place it on your website, your blog, facebook, twitter, a friend's website, youtube, flickr, etc. Within your post be sure to include a link to To win the award, you need to get as many people as you can to visit your page and then have them click-thru on the link that you post. Once you've built your post, page, or video be sure to enter your contact information at the bottom of the application ( and include a link/URL to the page where you've posted our link. Castle Ink will be tracking the number of visits you sent. If you’ve sent the most visitors to the then you will win the scholarship.

Act FAST! The deadline for applying for the award is June 30, 2011. The results will be tallied up on July 1, 2011. Here is the link for the application: Good Luck!

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